Day: November 5, 2016

Saturday, 5 November 2016

10:03 – Rats! Barbara and I early-voted Thursday, and she won’t let me go to vote again. I figured I’d go vote again yesterday, today, and Tuesday, for a total of four votes. I thought that was my duty, to help offset the number of dead people that will be voting for Clinton. But Barbara says once is enough, and refuses to go vote again or even let me go vote again. Oh, well. According to my poll figures, Trump is the certain winner anyway.

With only three days left until the election, things are really starting to get tense. Trump will win if there’s anything near an honest count. Everyone knows that, and the FSA/BLM terrorists are no doubt champing at the bit awaiting the opportunity to go out and riot, loot, and burn. Fortunately, although Barbara pointed out an article in the paper yesterday that reported that one sixth of the population of this county is on food stamps, we really don’t have any FSA/BLM problem here. But I sure wouldn’t want to be down in Winston or any other large city on Tuesday or the rest of next week. Things may get a bit exciting in urban/suburban areas if Trump is declared the winner.

If you aren’t yet prepared for civil unrest, which there’s a very good chance of, now is the time to get prepared. You have the rest of today through Monday to do so. With gangsters running the country and millions of their clients thick on the ground in urban areas, we Normals have to be prepared for any eventuality. So go out to vote, early and often, and then head home, load up, and batten down the hatches. Nothing major may happen, but then again it might.

I keep thinking about the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Right up until the barbarians started streaming through the gates, most Romans thought everything was completely normal. They were shocked when they found themselves being run though with barbarian spears. The point is, collapse happens very quickly. That’s not to say that this country is imminently in danger of complete collapse, but the prospect is there and if/when it does happen it will come as a complete surprise to most people. Don’t be one of those.

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