Day: November 12, 2016

Saturday, 12 November 2016

09:17 – Email from Jen. The anti-Trump protests have arrived in her area. Well, kind of. The small town where her brother and his family live, about half an hour from Jen and David, had an anti-Trump protest Thursday. It didn’t amount to much; fewer than ten people gathering in front of the courthouse carrying not-my-president signs. They stood around for half an hour or so and then dispersed. Everyone else pretty much ignored them.

Jen’s first thought, of course, was to check her inventory in case she needed to head out to buy some stuff. But she and her group decided they were about as well-prepared as they needed to be, and a minor protest didn’t warrant taking any additional action. She and David filled their gas tanks, but that was it.

Brittany weighed in to say that the general attitude in her area was happiness that Clinton had been crushed and Trump was our next president. Their family is even more rural than Jen’s, with the nearest city of any size several hours’ drive from them.

It’s pretty much the same situation here in Sparta, although we do have Winston-Salem 60 miles away. This county went about 75:25 Trump:Clinton, and if there are any dissatisfied Clinton supporters, they’re keeping very quiet about it.

And, speaking of dissatisfied Clinton supporters, I see that the Tampa police had to protect a huge group of them who were about to confront a group of US Marines who’d gathered to celebrate the Corps’ birthday and raise money for the Wounded Warrior project. It’s almost a shame that the cops got in the way. It would have been interesting to see what happens when a group of special snowflakes attacks a group of pissed off Marines. My guess is that the final score would be Marines – 1,000+, Snowflakes – 0.

And I see increasing calls from the progs for conciliation. What they mean, of course, is that we Normals may have won the elections, but it’s up to us to adopt the progs’ agenda. Yeah, right. I’m not interested in their feelings, and I suspect no other Normals are, either. I’d as soon shoot them as look at them.

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