Day: November 10, 2016

Thursday, 10 November 2016

10:16 – The civil unrest and rioting have started, although so far they seem relatively restrained. Vandalism is rampant, some streets and highways have been blocked by rioters, a few police cars burned, and some isolated shootings. My guess is that riot organizers were caught unprepared by the Trump victory. It took them the better part of a day to get anything rolling, and even then it’s been limited to large cities. Maybe the special snowflakes, overwhelmingly girls and women, are too busy crying, wailing, pulling their hair, and gnashing their teeth. If someone is trying to get boots on the ground, millions of special snowflakes don’t give them much to work with, other than as cannon fodder.

The progs are claiming that Clinton won the election because she got more votes than Trump. That’s true, but only if you count the millions of votes that were cast by dead Democrats, illegal aliens, people who don’t exist, people who voted more than once, and others who were not actually entitled to vote. Without those votes, Trump would have had an overwhelming majority in the popular vote and probably more than 450 electoral votes.

The progs also claim that people with college degrees supported Clinton, implicitly and sometimes explicitly suggesting that smart people voted for Clinton and only stupid ones voted for Trump. It would be more accurate to say that people who underwent four years or more of progressive indoctrination tended to support Clinton. Not to mention that college degrees are by no means equal. My guess is that people who have college degrees in real disciplines like hard sciences and engineering–which is to say the really smart ones–broke strongly for Trump. The ones with degrees in non-rigorous non-disciplines like social “science” and education–which is to say the ones who are stupider than average–broke strongly for Clinton. Or, in short, smart people, whether or not they have a college degree, voted Trump. Morons voted for Clinton.

Barbara commented on her journal yesterday that she was very happy this election was over. The problem is, it’s not over. It’s just beginning. The progs haven’t given up. They never give up. The political ruling class–nearly all Democrat politicians, the vast majority of Republican politicians, Wall Street bankers, large corporations, and so on–and their underclass clients will fight tooth and nail to obstruct the new administration, and the prospect of violent civil unrest remains high for the foreseeable future. Stay prepared, and keep your powder dry. We’re in the very early stages of what may turn to be a violent civil war, if not a full-blown revolution.

It’s odd that anti-progressives are so happy that Trump won. Trump is, after all, what not long ago would have been considered a liberal Democrat. It’s come to this, that so many of us are happy that the President-elect is not as bad as he might have been. Not good, not even acceptable, just not as bad as he might have been.

So we’ll keep preparing here, in the expectation of bad (worse) things to come. Today, I’m going to order a propane cooktop to replace the electric cooktop.

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