Tuesday, 16 August 2016

09:03 – We’re building and shipping science kits today, as usual. Before we get started on that this morning, we’re going to make up another batch of bread dough so we can bake bread this afternoon.

One of the new crops I intend to plant next spring is heirloom tobacco. Not just to smoke, although I’ll try that, but as a companion crop and as a source of organic pesticide. Most bugs hate tobacco and steer well clear of it. They may have only bug-size brains, but even they’re smart enough to realize that nicotine is very bad news for bugs.

I also intend to grow several more culinary herbs, but this year we’ll get them started indoors six months or so before the last spring freeze. Call it somewhere in the Thanksgiving to Christmas time frame. That’ll give them a chance to get well started before it’s time to put them in the ground. We’ll start them in pots so that we can set them out on the deck on nice days and bring them indoors when we have cold nights.

I keep seeing articles in the MSM saying that Trump has no chance. I think they’re whistling past the graveyard. I think Trump has at least as good a chance of winning the election as Clinton does. The main point against Trump is that he speaks his mind, saying things that the MSM finds deeply offensive. So what? A huge number of people in this country find Trump’s statements refreshing. He’s actually saying what they’re thinking. The MSM is also trying to present Trump as a loose cannon who’s likely to start a war. That’s rich, considering that Clinton has never met a war she doesn’t like. At any rate, we may not know what we’ll get if Trump is elected, but that’s acceptable to a lot of people, who know exactly what we’ll get if Clinton is elected. As to the Libertarian candidates, why bother? Neither of them is any more libertarian than Trump or Clinton, which is to say not at all. If we vote in the presidential election, it’ll be for Trump, simply because he’s Not Clinton.