Monday, 1 August 2016

14:50 – Barbara had surgery scheduled for 0545 this morning. We left here at 0400, drove down to Winston, and got her checked in about 0530. She was to have gone into surgery at 0700, but didn’t go in until about 0750. The surgery ran 90 minutes or so, as best we could tell, and then they put her in recovery for another 90 minutes. They finally got her to her room about 11:15. Frances and Al sat with me until Frances had to leave about 10:30 to get to work. Al and I sat with her in her room until she shooed me out around noon to get home and take care of Colin, who’d been on his own for eight hours by that point. The surgeon told us that everything had gone extremely well, that she expected a quick full recovery, and that Barbara wouldn’t be limited physically or in diet. The physician said they were keeping her overnight just to make sure she was fine before she left. Al is going to go back to the hospital tomorrow morning, pick Barbara up, and bring her home. I told him that I’d be happy to drive back down to Winston tomorrow morning to pick Barbara up, but he insisted on bringing her home himself. I think he wants to check out the new rototiller. I told him that he was of course welcome to borrow it any time he needs a larger tiller, but he said that it was probably too large for the jobs he needs to do.

As soon as I got home and fed and walked Colin, I got started on processing unfilled orders. There are currently six kits waiting in the shipping queue to go out tomorrow morning.