Thursday, 4 August 2016

09:56 – August is starting out faster than usual. We shipped seven kits Tuesday, three yesterday, and four today. We also have several more kits that we’re awaiting checks or POs on. We’re averaging four+ kits per day, which is fast for early August. Things should pick up even more in the next week or ten days. So we’re building more kits in anticipation, which means I need to get more components on order today and tomorrow.

Our climate isn’t quite a temperate rain forest, which requires 60 inches of rain annually, but at an average of 56 inches, we’re not far off. It’s raining as I write. In the last week, we’ve had about 5.5 inches (14 cm) of rain, with more in prospect. I think of July and August as dry months, which they’ve been everywhere I’ve lived, but not up here in Sparta. That’s good in several ways, not least that it makes rainwater harvesting a practical alternative for emergency water.

The other different thing about the climate up here is the earliest frost date. I think of September as a warm month, the end of summer, and October as a time of warm days and chilly nights. Up here, our earliest freeze date is in early September, only a month from now. We could go from temperatures near body temperature to freezing temperatures with snow and ice in only a month.