Sunday, 28 June 2015

08:25 – Interesting article in the paper this morning about the top ten causes of death in Forsyth County in 2014 versus 1914. The death rate is unchanged, at one per person, but the causes differ dramatically. In 1914, the top two killers were tuberculosis and diarrhea, and pellagra (niacin deficiency) was also in the top ten. None of those are on the current top ten list, of course. Cancer, the top killer in Forsyth County since 2004, when it took over #1 from heart disease, killed only 67 people in 1914. Alzheimer’s Disease was also in the Top Ten for 2014, although I wouldn’t have thought that Alzheimer’s ever actually killed anyone. Heart disease, infectious diseases, accidents, and murder are perennially in or near the Top Ten, but that’s been true since record-keeping began back in Classical Roman times.

Email from Jen, who said she was embarrassed to report that they hadn’t done anything to prep last week. I told her that was fine, in my opinion. They’re already pretty well set, so any additions they make will be incremental. If they want to take a week or a month off and just focus on living their lives, that’s their business. We’re doing pretty much the same right now pending the move, so I’m in no position to be a pot calling the kettle black. Or is that a micro-aggression?

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  1. It certainly is a microaggression. You were insensitive to plus-sized people and their bellies, you… you… warmenist denialist!

    Alzheimer’s came close to killing one old woman that I witnessed some years ago. She wandered out of the house before dawn in winter, wearing a robe and nothing on her feet. (Reminder for those who don’t have real winters: the months when the daystar goes away get cold up here. There’s this white stuff that falls from the sky and coats the ground and doesn’t go away for months and reflects all of the daystar’s heat away. People freeze to death every winter up here, even in these times of wealth, central heating, and social welfare programs.) Lucky for her, I was heading to work early and saw her stumbling through the snowbanks, and managed to delay things enough that a neighbor came out and recognized her and got her home and called an ambulance.

  2. I differentiate between cause and manner of death. I certainly wouldn’t have put Alzheimer’s on a death certificate in that situation. Cause of death would be freezing; manner of death would be accidental. Alzheimer’s would be at most a contributing factor.

  3. Understood.

    ISTR reading of a trend to put the “underlying” cause of death on the certificate or in the police report. Thus, someone didn’t die of broken ribs and a pierced lung, he died of a beating. (Or, in the example in the article I read, he died of racially-motivated gang violence. As happens so often it’s seldom even reported, a perfectly innocent black man was going about his perfectly lawful business when he was set upon by a large gang of white racists.) I don’t know if this is a real trend, a growing or a dying trend, or something that isn’t a trend but is being encouraged for whatever reason.

  4. Lordy, I’ve committed so many microaggressions in here over this past week that I’m surely headed to a re-education camp soon.

    We didn’t get a lot of that white stuff falling from the sky in our last two winters here but it was damn cold for weeks at a time; way below zero and with the wind howling off the lake ice it was even worse. Thankfully we had the half of our windows done that face the lake and barely noticed it. We also found that the wood stove would suffice those days to keep us from freezing to death but we need to get the rest of the windows done and storm doors on and the porch covered off this coming winter and then we’ll see. We’d be keeping the oil topped off just as a backup, and we had to use it a few times this past winter along with the stove.

    Some old person wandering around out in this stuff in their jammies wouldn’t last long, but the ice fishermen are by Jeezum out there, for hours at a time, and it’s like freaking Siberia, like those scenes in “Doctor Zhivago.”

  5. I’m still not really sure where the borders lie among different types of aggressions. For example, if I walk up to an SJW and snap-kick him in the testicles, is that a micro-aggression or simply free speech? Or say I shoot him in the face. Is that a micro-aggression or simply justifiable homicide?

    I do want to get this right. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone. At least not unintentionally.

  6. if I walk up to an SJW and snap-kick him in the testicles

    Objection! Assuming facts not in evidence.

  7. And along with that, from our board legal counsel, is the fact that most SJW’s seem to be womyn anyway.

  8. Or say I shoot him in the face. Is that a micro-aggression or simply justifiable homicide?

    If you use a 9mm Europellet it would be a milli-Agression.

  9. “Okay, okay. So I kick *her* in the testicles.”

    Only after “she” has been transgenderized to a “him”, and then it would be the less malevolent nano-aggression.

  10. This is why you can’t trust any of them. Sorry if that seems *ist, but I’m not making personal safety decisions based on PC wishful thinking. Especially when their holy book encourages and excuses lying to infidels.

    At first glance, the life of Seifeddine Rezgui appeared to be like that of any other young Tunisian man.

    An avid football fan, his family have described the 23-year-old as a young man who enjoyed all the trappings of Western society.

    A supporter of Real Madrid, Rezgui loved breakdancing and sitting in cafes chatting with friends.

    But beneath the veneer of normality, a radicalism was brewing which erupted on Friday with the massacre of 38 people on a Tunisian beach.

    Read more:

    MOST of what has been reported about islamic attackers in the west has something similar. Even “westernized” islamics when polled supported death for not respecting their death cult in large percentages. “Home grown” jihadis are leaving western nations in droves to go fight.

    They are all suspect.


  11. “They are all suspect.”

    I’ve said this for years and so has RBT and others but we were told it’s only a small minority of radicals and the rest are too scared to speak out against it and wished only to live lives of peace and tranquility, etc., etc. By their silence I condemn them. And this includes the fembots here in the West who’ve REMAINED silent about the hadji treatment of women in those places and the homosexual activists who’ve REMAINED silent about the hadji repression of homosexuals.

    We fought the Nazis and won.

    We fought the communists and won militarily but not culturally.

    And now we evidently are willing to kneel before the scimitars and accept our status as dhimmis in thrall to the ‘religion of peace.’ A cult of slavery, misery, degradation and death. The suicide of the West, indeed.

  12. The online Maoist National Enquirer sez we gotta do MUCH more:

    ” America is changing, and marriage equality is a huge victory — but we need to go so much further”

    “It wasn’t judges or politicians who made this breakthrough happen — it was the people.”

    ” Now we must demand more”

    That’s right. We must DEMAND more. Dump the Confederate flag. End racism! Fight the bosses! Love conquers hate!

    Tears of joy replaced by tears of rage and clenched fists raised high as we see the hated and evil Republican monsters try to fight us on this! Onward!

    Jeezum, I need a good doze of thepeoplescube right about now…

  13. @CowboySlim: Only after “she” has been transgenderized to a “him”, and then it would be the less malevolent nano-aggression.

    The correct medical term for that conversion is: Add-A-Dick-To-Me (credit to Rush Limbaugh)

  14. If I self-identify as a muslim LGBT person of color, does that mean I can say anything I want and also have the government send me money?

  15. Don’t forget your ObamaPhone. And when you get beheaded, burned alive, and thrown off a tall building the AGs Office will call it a hate crime. Feel better now?

  16. This is board is full of White Male Hetero-Ape Racist Sexist Haters. Yay!

    Meanwhile, My Anker solar panel started charging a *cigar tube* USB external battery about 745am when I checked it. For some reason, the panel power indicator light was on, but batter not charging. I unplugged the battery and plugged it back in and then it started flashing. I hooked up one of those USB power monitors and read 4.2V and .15A. The USB monitor seems to go on and off and affect the charging so I just removed it.

  17. “Will Economic Collapse Predictions Finally Come True This Fall?”

    “Most analysts are not wrong about the root problems of debt, speculation and fiat money, but they do not understand or address the massive manipulation of the markets by government and the powers of the FED—who can keep things going and postpone collapse until war comes when they will claim it is not their fault. This week, I will explain why any collapse prediction is invalid without coming to grips with the power of manipulation and the fact that there are no signs that globalists are maneuvering to let it fall.”

    Not gonna happen this year. We are 10 to 20 years away from economic collapse here in the USA.

    When it happens though, just look at the economic vacillations going on in Greece right now. They will get worse and much more noisy. Be careful that you are not on the end when the whip gets cracked.

  18. Well GREECE is having some fun times at the moment.

    Banks closed until July 6 at least, and ATM withdrawals limited to Euro60 according to article.

    Apparently $1billion us withdrawn on Saturday alone. Astounding the normalcy bias. how else to explain ANYONE having money in a Greek bank?

    Had to fix the washing machine this evening. Pump/motor assembly needed to be replaced. My clever and technical wife diagnosed the problem, found the part online in an open box auction for half off, and successfully swapped out the part.

    I spent some time re-leveling the air conditioner condenser pad after hearing the fan motor start to squeal. The ground heaved with our recent rainfall and it was WAY out of level. I’d noticed but hadn’t fixed it. WELLLLLLL, now I’ll be replacing that fan motor tomorrow. Stitch in time would have saved $90 in this case. I’ll probably dry pack mortar under the slab to re-level. It’s on 2x4s and wedges at the moment. At least while level the bearings don’t scream.

    I did get my antenna connected and a line run temporarily. After my shower, I’m gonna tune up the radio and see what I can hear.


  19. Well, the antenna seems to work, at least for receive. It’s about 24ft tall, with some bits that poke out but as ham HF antennas go, it’s compact 🙂

    Lots of countries I’d not heard before on SW last night. Austria, France, Italy, Greece. The bands were open pretty well, so that helped, but compared to my long wire on the SW receiver, I’ve got better reception on some of the bands.

    The only surprise this AM is that the stock markets are down with the news from Greece. The complete disconnect and irrationality has had them up on any news, even if it was bad.

    This may not be the trigger, but I wouldn’t want to have all my net wealth in the stock market. It’s lost value before and will again.


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