Thursday, 25 June 2015

08:01 – With a high of 95F, today is to be the last of our recent stretch of extremely hot weather. Tomorrow and the next several days are to have highs in the 80’s, and lows in the lower 60’s and upper 50’s. I blame it on global cooling.

Many of our kit customers buy a biology kit one year and a chemistry kit the next, or vice versa, so we decided to create a combined biology/chemistry kit that eliminates the duplication in equipment and a few chemicals. By doing that, we can sell the combined kit for about $40 less than the total price of the two kits purchased separately.

I want to have this combined kit available to ship by the first of August, and ideally sooner, so I needed to get started on it now. I spent yesterday finalizing the kit contents and getting the web pages needed to sell it set up. I’ll continue work on that today and, if necessary, tomorrow. Then we’ll get a prototype built and figure out the minor details like what size shipping box is needed, how to pack it, and so on.

This is the kind of thing that Barbara being available full time will greatly aid. Having her available to do a lot of the stuff I do now will free me up to design more kits, write manuals, and so on.

Someone sent me a link to an article that suggests we’re approaching Peak Leftism, and suggested that I might feel foolish if we relocate only to find that progressivism has spluttered to a halt and that we’ve returned to sanity in this country. Well, no. In the first place, I don’t believe that’s going to happen, no matter who’s elected. In the second place, I’d want to relocate to a small town even if things were normal now.

14:38 – I’m just back from the dentist, where I had my fangs cleaned, polished, and sharpened. I asked the dentist about having new fangs installed, like that guy in the old James Bond movies. Apparently, that’s not a standard procedure, at least not yet.