Saturday, 13 June 2015

08:50 – Saturday the 13th falls on a Saturday this month.

How can this be controversial? It’s basic biology. NHS chief warns women not to wait until 30 to have baby as country faces a fertility timebomb

Fertility in female humans peaks between about ages 18 and 28, after which it plummets. The old ways are based in biology. Women should marry at age 14 or 15 to a man chosen by their parents. Parents back then helped a young person get started in life by setting them up with what they needed to get started right. Arranged marriages were by most accounts more successful than the modern method of letting no-nothing kids choose their own mates. Young women had children early, as nature intended. There’s no reason not to make that the norm today. Getting kids started right nowadays might include helping the young families by providing child care and supporting the young women through college and perhaps grad school. There’s no reason a young woman can’t have it all: a husband, children, education, and a career. But they need to get started young.

12:15 – We’re just back from a small Costco run. I think the total was $251, most of which was in meat and OTC drugs. While we were back in the drinks section picking up some 4-packs of 2-liter Coke, I mentioned to Barbara that she was going through a lot of the half-liter bottled water, so we should replace what she was using. We’d put two 40-packs in our cart when I noticed that our Costco now carries their store-brand bottled water in 6-packs of one-gallon bottles. So Barbara handed one of the 40-packs to a tiny little Asian woman who was having trouble getting one off the stack, and we added two 6-packs of the gallons to our cart. I’d have grabbed more, but the cart was already up to the acceleration and stopping distance of a freight train.

I covet those bottles. Not only are they one-gallon PET bottles, but the mouth looks wider than that of a 2-liter bottle. They will be excellent for home-packing dry staples. I’m just about to print a big sign for Barbara: “DRINK MORE WATER!”