Sunday, 14 June 2015

10:44 – Barbara just finished cutting my hair and cleaning house. I hate getting my hair cut because I always feel so weak afterward. We’ll do kit stuff the rest of the day.

Good news for preppers. Walmart has just started offering Keystone Meats products on its web site, which has free shipping on $50+ orders. Their prices are noticeably lower than those on the Keystone website, which charges shipping. Unfortunately, Walmart is showing out-of-stock on nearly all the products, and low-stock on others. I guess they must have been surprised by a flood of orders from preppers.

11:34 – What goes around comes around. I was just out with Colin and ran into our neighbors two houses down carrying in groceries. Their son is 12 years old, very bright, and interested in science.

O’Reilly/MAKE just sent me a comp copy of a new science book they’ve just published, which is actually a home science book from the 60’s, updated to reflect availability of items and to get rid of or modify some of the stuff we used to do back then without a second thought but which is now considered hideously dangerous. I gave the book to Shane, whom I suspect will be doing a lot of this stuff over the summer. As he walked away with the book, I had a flashback to 50 years ago, when I was his age and guys the age I am now gave me neat science stuff to encourage my interest.