Sunday, 28 June 2015

08:25 – Interesting article in the paper this morning about the top ten causes of death in Forsyth County in 2014 versus 1914. The death rate is unchanged, at one per person, but the causes differ dramatically. In 1914, the top two killers were tuberculosis and diarrhea, and pellagra (niacin deficiency) was also in the top ten. None of those are on the current top ten list, of course. Cancer, the top killer in Forsyth County since 2004, when it took over #1 from heart disease, killed only 67 people in 1914. Alzheimer’s Disease was also in the Top Ten for 2014, although I wouldn’t have thought that Alzheimer’s ever actually killed anyone. Heart disease, infectious diseases, accidents, and murder are perennially in or near the Top Ten, but that’s been true since record-keeping began back in Classical Roman times.

Email from Jen, who said she was embarrassed to report that they hadn’t done anything to prep last week. I told her that was fine, in my opinion. They’re already pretty well set, so any additions they make will be incremental. If they want to take a week or a month off and just focus on living their lives, that’s their business. We’re doing pretty much the same right now pending the move, so I’m in no position to be a pot calling the kettle black. Or is that a micro-aggression?