Thursday, 9 April 2015

07:59 – The federal and state taxes are finished and ready to go in the mail, so the top priority for today and tomorrow is to build more science kits. We’re down to exactly two left in stock, both biology kits. I’ll make up two or three dozen biology, chemistry, and forensics kits today and tomorrow, which’ll get us back up to reasonable inventory levels for this time of year.

Incredibly, some people are defending the actions of that murderous South Carolina cop, even after they’ve seen the video. Idiots who defend thuggish cops like Slager are as bad as the rabble-rousers who incite violence and racial hatred when cops are forced to shoot thuggish punks like Michael Brown.

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  1. Al, can I have some more Global Warming ™ please. I’m freezing my butt off down here.

  2. Can’t help ya, Mr. Greg; we had snow here overnight.

    Frankly I don’t see how anyone in their right mind could defend the cop in that video, unless they believe it should be open season on people who run away from cops. Or maybe just black people who run away.

    Meanwhile, from the upper levels of Murkan gummint, we have a new book out, apparently, about working inside the WH during the Lewinsky capers:

    “What was it like to be on the Clinton’s domestic staff and security detail during the Lewinsky scandal? Not fun according to Kate Andersen Brower’s new book, The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House:
    . “One day, according to Payne, he was walking through the second-floor private kitchen when an agent walked in behind him waiting to escort Chelsea to Sidwell Friends, the private school she attended in northwest Washington. Chelsea was on the phone. ‘Oh, I’ve got to go,’ she told her friend. ‘The pigs are here.’ The agent turned ‘crimson,’ Payne recalls. ‘Ms. Clinton, I want to tell you something. My job is to stand between you, your family, and a bullet. Do you understand?’ She replied: ‘Well, that’s what my mother and father call you.’”

    I sure am glad I got outta that line of work nearly 30 years ago.

  3. Al, can I have some more Global Warming ™ please. I’m freezing my butt off down here.

    Gonna get worse before it gets better down there. You’ve got about six months or so to go.

    Hey wait, the worlds weather dudes said that Australian was not going to have a winter this year!

    Gonna be 85 F here in the Land of Sugar today. The concrete pond in the back yard is up to 78 F. And I took a day off to finish the dadgum taxes.

    Against my better judgement, I watched the video of the SC cop. That was horrible.

  4. Very nice; I’d heard about this incident but hadn’t seen any pics until now. We don’t have all the facts, but again, I don’t see any justification for cops doing this to her. If it was my wife, daughter or sister, there would be hell coming for breakfast for those guys as soon as I could make it happen.

    Just back from VA and ‘Nam combat group guys; first half hour was all about ice-fishing here on the lake; second half hour me entertaining them with my tax travails and advising them of available help while also repeating what a couple of us have said here about the State being able to whatever it wants to us. We all know that full well while we’re still in the military but many may tend to forget it after a few years back here in The World. It still holds true, and even more so in recent years.

    Now you can’t even RUN AWAY from a cop without being riddled like a Swiss cheese FROM BEHIND. And your pregnant veteran wife or daughter can be beaten like a rug in her own house by heavily armed and costumed agents of said State.

  5. I worry sometimes about people starting to target LE people and their families at home. I know they try hard to remain anonymous, but that’ll hold up for about five seconds if someone competent decides to start going after them.

    More and more people are starting to regard LE as the enemy, and that doesn’t bode well.

  6. The best justification I’ve heard for the stupid pig’s murder of the uncooperative man was that the suspect wasn’t following the nice policeman’s orders and all “civilians” are required to obey all orders from any policeman.

    As for making a list of names, occupations, and home addresses, yep.

  7. Lists are already being made, with all the relevant info/intel. And not just LEO’s, either. Just as they compile data on the gen pop, so do elements of the gen pop compile data on them.

    Hey, keep shooting guys running away in the back with multiple shots all over the landscape; keep beating pregnant woman veterans; keep bullying passengers in wheelchairs and toddlers at the airports; keep seizing bank accounts and pay checks by mistake and then taking forever to fix it, with the entire onus being on the victims; etc.

    Eventually you start to piss people off, a little at first, and then a general seething anger and bitterness and that’s where we’re at now. As we know there have already been LEO’s deliberately targeted and killed or wounded on duty; don’t be surprised to see them catch it at home or otherwise off-duty, too. And this will, of course, become a vicious circle; they’ll get more paranoid and hair-trigger violent and peeps out here will get more pissed off, and sooner or later the default setting on both sides on first encounter could end up being lethal force.

    It was years ago that G. Gordon Liddy said to go for head shots and it was many years ago now that we had the incidents at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Philadelphia MOVE HQ, and many years before that they pretty much assassinated Black Panthers like Fred Hampton. But a lot of us are old enough to remember.

    The State can and will use lethal force against us for any reason or no reason; read up on some Lysander Spooner and you see a few scales fall from your eyes about the status here of such Holy Writ as elections, voting, the Constitution, and national defense and police. Old-timey Maffachufetts boy who tried to run his own post office and got stomped on fast and hard. As just a few years earlier the folks out in central and western Maffachufetts and Pennsylvania got stomped on.

    As the late Murray Rothbard used to say: “The state is a band of thieves writ large.”

  8. On our sooper-dooper wunnerful deal with the Persians:

    “Suspicions have been raised about Obama’s motives for vigorously pursuing this deal (see “He Said That? 4/3/15,” SLL). If one wants to believe the worst about Obama, that would be not that he’s trying to pave the way for Iran to build bombs, but rather that he knows Iran already has bombs, and he’s helping them cover their tracks. That is thrown out as a possibility only, the truth or falsity of which we may never know. However, if you believe that Obama wants to destroy America and is sympathetic to the Islamic cause, especially the Shiite cause, this alternative interpretation fits those beliefs. From Obama’s standpoint, if the agreement eventually goes through and Iran complies with its terms, there will be—just before the 2016 elections—the benefit of embarrassing all those Republicans who spoke so forcefully against it before they even saw its terms. One thing we do know about Obama’s motivations—domestic political considerations are almost always paramount.”

  9. “keep beating pregnant woman veterans”

    who are holders of the Airman’s Medal.

    I’m somewhat surprised they haven’t faced an Air Force posse already.

  10. HILLARY! is just one of the small horde of robbers and murderers and perverts who rule us.

    Just finished Lew Rockwell’s “Against the State,” and the very late Lysander Spooner’s
    “No Treason,” both highly recommended. Though the latter is over 150 years old, he manages to very neatly and succinctly cover what’s wrong with this country, in particular the bullshit mythological stuff like elections, voting, taxes, national defense and police.

    “I’m somewhat surprised they haven’t faced an Air Force posse already.”

    I don’t have that medal but let’s see how tough they are against a 61-year-old AF vet and former cop. I can pretty much guarantee I can take them down in a fucking heartbeat. I’m guessing that little Army vet down in the Capital District over in the Vampire State can do likewise.

  11. When they’ve lost us, mostly middle aged, middle class, solid citizens, then they really have lost everything. They’ve already lost the lower class and minorities. That leaves the isolated elites, who never considered them at all, except as tools to do their bidding.

    He PUNCHED that woman and endangered her child. Over nothing more than a comment by her (less than fully competent) child.

    The other one RE-DRESSED the crime scene and shot a man in the back. And I’m sorry, but if I was a lawyer, I’d say that the pause to aim, after 7 shots, should get him the chair. That last shot was premeditated.

    The other guy stood on the victims’ car hood and emptied his 4th magazine into them.

    Anyone remember the innocent woman shot in the aftermath of the hatchet attack? Did she make it out alive? Or the multiple innocent bystanders when the keystone kops had a circular firing squad on the NYC sidewalk in front of the bldg where the guy shot his boss?

    Or the women in the shot-up pickup in LA that looked NOTHING like the suspect vehicle when one of their own went rogue?

    There are departments where they are trained to yell “stop resisting” while beating a suspect so that any witnesses have the idea planted in their heads that the victim was resisting. There are consultants who TEACH this.

    Tell me why ANY police officer needs camo? Seriously. Who do they expect to be hiding from? They should be able to do the job in HiViz.

    Now NYC wants rapid response teams with fully automatic weapons. If the Boston bombing response report and ALL previous incidents are anything to go by, that will just let them shoot more innocents and more brother officers faster. Anyone want to take bets on whether they’ll be loaded with frangible and low penetrating rounds, or green tip?

    Maybe the citizenry will find a good use for Remington’s Hog Hammer ammo.

    Or, you know, packing foam dissolved in gasoline, since they’ve been denied arms.

    Or hatchets.


    The end might not be nigh, but the beginning sure feels like it is….

  12. Don, I would have liked to read the link you posted, but I immediately got a couple of popups and no story, so I gave up.

  13. Lynn wrote:

    “I call her Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife.”

    Surely not specific enough. I’m sure the lovely Miss Lewidinsky has had lots of ex-boyrfriends.

  14. Yep, big burly cops can’t keep a pregnant woman under control without handcuffing and hitting her. Their excuse could have been predicted “she was going for a weapon”. Sure, she was, pull the other one, it’s got bells on…

    So now CPS has her children in custody. This is all based on: “she and her husband had an argument and got into a shoving match as she held her toddler. One of the older children apparently told a teacher, who reported the incident to child protective services.” Her story:

    “He said, ‘We’re here to remove your son,’” Robinson said. “I said, ‘Nobody is touching my kid without a court order or a warrant.’”

    According to the 38-year-old mother, officers failed to show her the documents and forced themselves into her home.

    “I’m positioning myself in front of my child as the officers are screaming, ‘There’s the kid. Grab him,’” she told WFAA.

    That’s a pretty pathetic excuse to take away someone’s children. I suppose they ultimately justified it by the fact that they had to arrest her, for which they had to stage the scene by beating up on her. That teacher, CPS and the police department have a lot to answer for…

  15. “have a lot to answer for…”

    But they never do. Cops end up working in another jurisdiction at worst. CPS never changes. They go after the low hanging fruit, the ‘busybody’ cases, while letting other kids die from starvation covered in sores and feces. No one is ever fired or charged with dereliction of duty or negligence.

    Even in our modern age, where it is easy and quick to shine the light on the roaches, they simply scatter and out wait the good folks.

    It’s depressing, and infuriating. They have taken these powers unto themselves. No one voted for this nonsense. This is regulatory law, agencies expanding their fiefdoms not the outcome of a democratic process or even a representative one. Congress has abdicated their duty and authority to make the law, and this is the result.


  16. Case in point from today:

    “When 2-year-old Glenara Bates was taken to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center last month, she had more than 100 wounds to her body, officials said. She weighed only 13 pounds.

    Hamilton County’s prosecutor said child protective officials “dropped the ball” in the case of Glenara and her siblings — and county Department of Job and Family Services officials acknowledged missteps.”


    BTW She is 28 and has 7 children. He has an address in a different town. She doesn’t look like she’s missed many meals, and we almost certainly paid for them, and her hair style.

    I’m tired of paying for crap like this.


  17. We had a case even worse than that locally not long ago. The judge ended up sentencing a woman and her husband each to about 10 years in prison for defrauding the government by continuing to cash support checks for their foster child, but it was clear from the judge’s statements that he believed they’d murdered the little girl. They never found the body. This little girl never had a chance. They adopted her as a baby and for the next 10 years or so they starved and beat her and kept her locked in a room without even a toilet. It’s pretty clear that eventually the woman murdered her and the husband helped the woman dispose of the body. The little girl was physically and mentally challenged. She never had a chance. And the child welfare people did absolutely nothing.

  18. “The end might not be nigh, but the beginning sure feels like it is….”

    Indeed. And the innernet is kinda accelerating the process; in previous times we didn’t have such instant viewing, almost in real time, of this sort of thing.

    The grapes of wrath are currently stored but the vineyard is getting trampled again.

  19. @Greg

    “Don, I would have liked to read the link you posted, but I immediately got a couple of popups and no story, so I gave up.”

    Greg, I couldn’t even try to work on the Web without AdBlock Plus and NoScript.

  20. AT LAST!


    Now I understand New York’s attitude to firearm control!

    They are using New York City’s cops as the standard of behaviour they expect from firearm users.
    Heck, given that, even I’d think firearm control was a good thing. In fact, I bet we all wish NYC’s “finest” had control of their firearms. If they’d disarm the cops and arm the rest of the citizens, even if that included the criminals, then NYC would be better off. Be a bit rough on the criminals for a month or so, but it would work itself out. In fact, as RAH said, “an armed society is a polite society”. Can you imagine a polite New York City? Radical!

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