Saturday, 4 April 2015

09:31 – I’m working on taxes today, and in particular on my business stuff. Revenues are easy enough to total.They’re all either transactions via PayPal or checks from colleges and universities, school systems, and so on. It’s expenses that are difficult and time-consuming to get a figure for. The straight purchase orders are easy enough. I can just use my corporate check register to total purchases from each of the vendors we use trade credit for. Some of the credit-card stuff is easy enough. For example, any credit card transaction with the vendor from whom we buy bottles is straightforward. It’s the mixed stuff that’s a pain in the begonia. For example, on a typical Sam’s Club run most of what we purchased was for personal use, but I also purchased stuff like T-shirt/Thank-you bags that we use in the kits, a gallon of 91% isopropanol that we use in the kits, and so on. So all that stuff has to be broken out.

Then there’s stuff I purchased as research materials and examples for the prepping book, which is all deductible. Some of that is in single orders, but a lot of it is also mixed with personal purchases, so it all has to be sorted out.

I want to get the state and federal taxes finished and in the mail in the next week or so. After that, Barbara and I may take a day trip or two up toward the mountains to check out various small towns that we might relocate to.