Thursday, 2 April 2015

09:52 – Yesterday I started on taxes, which get more outrageous by the year. I’m sure we’ll have to write big checks for both federal and state taxes. We always do.

We finished series eight of Heartland last night. Amy married Ty after only eight years of dithering. I expect next season will be all about the newly married couple, and probably about them having a baby. One commenter on the CBC website said he’d just happened across the first five seasons on Netflix streaming and hoped to be watching Amy become a grandmother in 25 years or so. That’d be 33 seasons, which the series has the potential to do assuming that it continues to be funded and assuming that people are still making TV series 25 years from now.

I got email from Jen, who’s wisely decided to try cooking and baking at least once or twice a week using only her long-term shelf-stable stuff. The first problem she ran into, of course, was that most of her recipes call for fresh products like dairy and eggs. So she says she’s “cheating” on those items, but asked for suggestions. I told her to visit the WalMart website and order #10 cans of Augason Farms powdered eggs, butter powder, and cheese sauce powder and work those into her recipes. Two dozen #10 cans of each will cost them less than $1,200, or under $200 for each of the six people she’s planning a one-year food supply for, and will go a long way toward making the bulk dry staples she’s storing into palatable meals. I told her to start by ordering one can of each and trying them out. All of them are “best by” for one year after you open them, and a lot longer if you stick the open cans in the freezer.