Monday, 13 April 2015

08:58 – Thanks to everyone who made suggestions about finding books that are available under Kindle Unlimited. This link allows you to search only books that are available under that program. It wasn’t an option the last time I looked. Either that, or Amazon had it so well hidden that I couldn’t find it. I’ll probably sign up for the KU 30-day free trial later this week and give it a try.

More of the same today, building and shipping science kits. We’re trying to get ahead of things now. April is the worst month for sales, but summer is approaching fast. Sales volume will start to increase next month, climb further in June, and start going crazy in July. In all likelihood, there will be days in July and August when we ship more kits than we do in the whole month of April, so we have to be ready to meet that demand. That means not just building subassemblies and full kits, but getting purchase orders staged to get stuff ordered in time to arrive here when we need it, including allowances for stuff that’s backordered.