Saturday, 25 April 2015

09:04 – Here’s irony. There’s a front-page article in the paper this morning that says city authorities are going to start confiscating recycling carts from homes who persist in putting non-recyclable items in them. Apparently, people are tossing in household garbage and even dead animals. So now the city says it’s going to give people three warnings and then confiscate the carts. That’s fine as far as it goes, but the article goes on to say that one of the worst items that people put in their recycling carts is grocery-store plastic bags, which apparently foul up the machinery on the recycling line. The irony is that many of these bags are labeled “Please Recycle”. So how can the city justify penalizing people for recycling something that’s labeled “Please Recycle”? We should be safe, because 99% of our recycling, by count and mass, is cardboard and paper, with the remainder being mostly plastic, glass, or metal containers.

Barbara is heading out to run errands this morning. I’m doing laundry and working on kit stuff.