Wednesday, 1 April 2015

07:47 – New Scientist ran an interesting article yesterday, Anglo-Saxon remedy kills hospital superbug MRSA. Researchers recreated a medicine from instructions written down by a monk 1,000 years ago, and it worked. It killed everything it touched, including MRSA.

That’s not a big deal, really. MRSA is easy to kill on the skin surface. What is a big deal is that they don’t know WHY it killed MRSA. Something in that witch’s brew is lethal to bacteria. Once they figure out exactly what was created in that brew and HOW it kills MRSA, they may have something that can be developed into a new class of antibiotic that kills MRSA internally, which would be a big deal.

Jasmine started her new job on Monday, but resigned Tuesday morning. She did the right thing. The company had completely misrepresented the job. Monday morning, she found out that the job they expected her to do was completely different from the job they’d hired her for. They provided zero training and expected her to figure it out for herself, although of course she’d be responsible for her work product. They stuck her in a cubicle with another girl who’d been working there for about a month and is apparently one of the employees who’s been there the longest. The girl told her that they’d have to work into the evening just about every day, but wouldn’t be paid overtime. So Jas went back in yesterday morning and resigned, effective immediately.

Jas, of course, is completely crushed despite the fact that none of this is her fault. She went in in good faith, but the company completely misrepresented everything about the job. As Barbara said, the company is obviously hiring freely in the hope that some of the people they hire will be desperate enough to stick around. The good news is that Jas will be out today, visiting another prospective employer.

Barbara said the Keystone canned ground beef was okay, but she prefers the fresh stuff she buys at Costco. She didn’t like the Keystone stuff as well for beef Stroganoff, but said it’d be fine with spaghetti sauce or in a casserole. I asked her if I should order more. She said it was fine to keep on hand for emergencies, but said I should order only one more 12-count case of 28-ounce cans, so I ordered that last night.