Tuesday, 18 March 2014

10:40 – We had only minor icing here, although yesterday there were dozens of car accidents locally and more homes lost power. There’s a chance of more icing this morning. Winter isn’t giving up easily. Barbara drove the 4X4 to work today.

Barbara handed me a postcard that arrived yesterday from the North Carolina Department of Revenue. It’s headed “2014 LLC ANNUAL REPORT REMINDER NOTICE” and says my corporate annual report is due by 15 April. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to do the required corporate annual report.

1. On the top line of the form, near the right side, I fill in today’s date.

2. On the second line, starting on the left, I fill in the payee, “NC Dept. of Revenue”.

3. In the box to the right of line 2, I fill in the amount, “200.00”.

4. On the line below that, I write out the amount, “Two-hundred-and-00/100”.

5. On the line below that, the memo line, I write out “2014 LLC Annual Report fee.

6. On the line to the right of the memo line, I sign.

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  1. I assume that the 200.00 is your reported net income? Sounds like you are audit bait. Of course, you will swamp the auditor who shows up with invoices from your JIT buying.

  2. Low 30s here rest of the week; sunny with blue skies and no wind again today. Be a while, though, before the ice is out on the bay; fishermen reported two feet earlier.

    Nooz from Woostuh (oh why oh why did I leave police work nearly 30 years ago???):

    “The visible presence of police officers at intersections, business establishments, athletic events and other public gatherings is reassuring to the community.”


    Several of the officers mentioned with those high pay figures were patrolmen during my time down there. Ya just gotta hang in, hide during yer shift and study for promotional exams and be slow on the backups, and sign up for all them nice road details, where, typically, you work a midnight shift and then spend all day standing in traffic somewhere. Every day, all spring, summuh and fall.

    Actually showing up for calls and being fast on backups for fellow officers might get you killed, or, much better, disabled, so you go out with that early. Couple of other guys that I was on with back then went into the State Police there and out in Illinois and have long since retired.

    Those were the days of billy clubs, revolvers and “paddy wagons.” And one town where I worked had no jail, and vehicle stops and record checks had to be called into the Staties in Boston and you waited 15-20 minutes for the data to come back while having a car pulled over on the road and three or four muffs standing around and looking threatening. If you arrested a man, he was transported to one of the local State Police barracks, several of which resembled medieval dungeons. Females had to go to the Womens’ Detention Facility in the next town over. The chief’s brother was the dispatcher on nights and used to often just fall asleep back there, for hours. I mainly worked alone, and operated pretty often like Buford Pusser, I’m afraid.


    Not a legend, though, LOL; and not quite as tall as Bo Svenson.

  3. I assume that the 200.00 is your reported net income? Sounds like you are audit bait. Of course, you will swamp the auditor who shows up with invoices from your JIT buying.

    I assumed $200.00 was the fee he was charging the NC DoR for a copy of the annual report.

  4. No, the $200.00 is the annual corporate report fee, which is unrelated to revenue or profit.

  5. No, the $200.00 is the annual corporate report fee, which is unrelated to revenue or profit.

    In other words the annual report fee is a $200 flat tax on all LLC’s. Some Orwellian politician decide to call it an annual report.

  6. No, the $200.00 is the annual corporate report fee, which is unrelated to revenue or profit.

    Nice. A very flat tax on all LLCs.

  7. “An invaluable lesson for U.S. Citizens from the bank confiscation in Cyprus”

    “And if there is one thing we can learn from the Cyprus bail-in, it’s that it behooves any rational person to have a plan B, even if you think the future holds nothing but sunshine and smiley faces. ”

    “The dominoes begin to fall in China”. I did not know that China was in trouble:

    “Forget tapering. Forget Ukraine. The largest single risk to the world economy and financial markets right now is China.”

    I have seen pictures of the ghost cities in China. That is just weird.

  8. Well, there’s also a tax on revenue/profits, of course.

    Well, there are also taxes on revenues and profits, of course.

    Fixed it for you.

  9. I guess Lynn and me also read the Sovereign Man site and emails.

    Yes, Cyprus provides a salutary lesson, and the situation in Red Chiner is real shaky now.

    There are also eerie ghost cities in Russia, and I’ve seen some similar pics of sites here in North Murka, such as abandoned city cores like Detroit, ghost towns in New Jersey and the Midwest, and overgrown cemeteries and former golf courses in South Carolina around the Myrtle Beach area.

  10. I do not know who to direct some bad vibes to most — Google/YouTube or Adobe. Apparently, over the weekend, Adobe did something to Flash that has disabled every download helper out there, on all platforms. Until the developers figure it out, we will not be downloading anything from YouTube or any other Flash delivery systems anytime soon. Where is HTML 5, anyway?

    Of course, this is one area where I am glad NOT to be living in Germany. They are death on downloading stuff, and came after a teenager friend of the family for downloading that stuff that no one passing through puberty should ever be allowed to download and view: sex videos.

    It is clear that the SCOTUS decided long ago that people could record and keep personal copies of publicly transmitted materials, and it is damned tiring to keep fighting this battle over and over.

    Anyway, to brighten the day, here are a couple of music links to soothe the savage beast.

    British band whose only success was in rural America. They sound like they are from the South.


    Al Kooper from a 1970 album


    About 5 minutes of dead slop on the end of that last one.

  11. Interesting. I note that I tried repeatedly to download Flash on Firefox for YouTube vids and it repeatedly failed. I note also the same thing Chuck noticed; no download helpers are working now, including iTube Studio, which tells me “no enough disk space”, sic., when I have nearly a TB on the drive.

    Furthermore, none of the torrent clients here work anymore, but that I figure to be my ISP suddenly deciding to shut it down, esp. since they recently “upgraded” the firmware on our router. I am looking at a way to circumvent them…

  12. I see that the Charlie band’s main guy, Terry Thomas, also worked with Bad Company and Foreigner; and I only recently discovered that the main dude in Foreigner had previously been in Spooky Tooth, a great underrated British blues band.

    I dug Al Kooper way back in the day, with the records he worked on with the late Mike Bloomfield, and Steve Stills, who, by the way, played bass for Jimi Hendrix briefly, and also was recruited by the Monkees, who took his pal, Peter Tork instead.

    This edition of Rock Trivia produced by OFD, with an assist from Mr. Chuck.

  13. Steve Stills, who, by the way, played bass for Jimi Hendrix briefly, and also was recruited by the Monkees, who took his pal, Peter Tork instead.

    As I heard the story, he was one of many that came to an open casting call. Presumably he didn’t have the acting chops or the right “look” that they wanted.

  14. I read that Stills had an existing contract he had to work out and couldn’t do the gig. Also recall, I think, that he and Tork had been roommates at one time. Of the various CSNY variations, he is easily the most talented of the bunch.

  15. Oh, I’d say that Neil Young is by far the most talented of the group. The others are competent musicians, but Young is stellar.

  16. Well, back when I was in Chicago, I witnessed Stills performing from backstage, and he was so blown out from who knows what at the time, that he was actually lip-syncing to somebody they had backstage doing his singing part. Not sure why musicians, of all people, find the need to have their minds altered and bodies consequently damaged, but being on the edge of the musical field for most of my life, the number of musicians I have known who totaled themselves early, is not just a few. I’m surprised Stills is still alive. I agree that Young excels Stills and so does Crosby. But Stills has such a distinctive voice that it gives him an edge. He’s also a great composer. CSNY have had a particularly distinctive harmony that was a drug for me back in the day. So did Crosby & group have the same thing with the Hollies before Alan Clarke arrived. I did not dislike Clarke, but things changed when he took over and Crosby left. Everybody wants to do ‘serious’ music, but pop music is pop music. You are not going to make money doing stuff that is not popular, no matter what the musicians personal tastes.

    Monkees was a cattle call, but as always with those, they made up their minds in the first few hours of auditions. When judging anything, the first dozen or so are all that register, before what I call ‘the brain freeze’ sets in. I have sat for days in cattle calls, and even when we videotaped them and re-watched later, the best were always among the first. Not sure how or why that works. And amazingly, my compatriots and I, always came up liking the same people. It is still that way in the judging of high school and college radio and TV competitions I do now.

  17. “Flash Video Downloader” add-in for Firefox on Linux is working fine for me — I just downloaded an arbitrarily chosen video from YouTube, then verified the download.

    Probably important: I don’t allow any part of my system to automatically download or install updates. There might well be an “upgrade” for the Flash plugin for Firefox which would break things. (The Flash plugin in is “Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202, for what it’s worth.)

  18. Oh, you’re way behind on Flash updates. I’m at, and it says it updated to that over the weekend. I have both Download Helper and Flash Video Downloader, and they both download 0 byte files.

    I guess auto-updates are default. I must change that.

  19. I updated FF on Windows 8 to 28.0 and then installed “YouTube Video and Audio Downloader” from their Add-Ons menu and it works super, so fah. I guess I knew this before but forgot; when you click on FF’s Help and then “About” it will automatically check for and then download the update.

    I’m sticking with Steve Stills as the big talent of CSNY and other than early Neil Young, can’t stand him or his voice. He spent too many hours in that burnt-out basement in north Ontario howling at the moon.

  20. The beautiful black, mostly Lab next door, who thinks she is a watchdog, is barking her head off. Kind of wish she were mine, but she would be undergoing shock collar therapy if she were. As near as I can tell, she belonged to the daughter next door, who — after the dog was no longer a puppy — gave it to her mom. Mom is now on the hook with 2 dogs, the other a quiet mixed male — mostly some kind of boxer breed, — who does get agitated himself when Black Beauty is at her most insistent. Formerly, with no companion, he was as docile and quiet as a sleeping cat, and only mildly interested in neighborhood activity.

    Oh, well. Out all day tomorrow, and maybe on into Thursday. I’ll check in over the weekend.

  21. On one side of us is a couple whose kid are grown but who still come around and whose grandkids are often there. They have at least three dogs, one of whom barks her head off anytime we go in or out the back door and/or out to the driveway; we’ve only been here eighteen months and have our own dopey mutt, who ignores them. On the other side of us is the guy’s ancient mom, who is even shorter than him (all these Franco-Americans and Quebecois types are midgets); she comes up to my waist, basically. And she has two of those sqawky high-pitched little mutts who also bark all the time; I’m a little peeved that our big male cat hasn’t killed them off yet; dunno what the holdup is.

  22. “Furthermore, none of the torrent clients here work anymore, but that I figure to be my ISP suddenly deciding to shut it down, esp. since they recently “upgraded” the firmware on our router. I am looking at a way to circumvent them…”

    I use my own router running DD-WRT. It is in the ISP’s router’s DMZ, so bypasses it while still using the modem. ISP is happy, and so am I.

    I actually did this because the ISP insists on setting its router’s firewall to a minimum setting, which is insecure. My router’s settings are good enough for most bad guys, NSA excepted of course.

  23. We have an ancient router/modem which I don’t think will support DD-WRT or Tomato, but I’ve been toying with replacing it with something more up to date. As it is, we’re in an area here that is probably lucky to get any internet at all; and cell phone coverage sucks.

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