Day: March 28, 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014

11:15 – Among other things today, I’m trying to get purchase orders done for a lot of stuff we buy in bulk–cases of beakers, graduated cylinders, test tube brushes and clamps, microscope slides and cover slips, and so on. It’s still only March, but I want to get enough component inventory to allow us to start building finished-goods inventory in serious numbers in time for the summer.

We just finished season 3 of The Shield on Amazon streaming, and started Life Unexpected on Netflix streaming. It seems we always have one gritty, violent series in progress along with a “teen drama”. Both of these are no longer being made, which is an advantage because Barbara and I have both come to prefer binge-watching series from start to finish. We have a few in our queue that are still being made and that we’ve watched all available episodes of, but I really prefer not to do that. For example, we’ve watched the first two seasons of Reven8e and are waiting for season three to become available. The problem with doing it that way is that we can never remember what’s happened in earlier seasons. It feels like we should go back and re-watch all the older stuff before we start the new season, and I don’t want to waste time doing that when I could be watching Heartland reruns instead.

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