Day: March 17, 2014

Monday, 17 March 2014

09:43 – There’s not much icing, but it’s a miserable day out nonetheless. The temperature is hovering right at freezing, it’s drizzling, and there’s a stiff breeze. The low tonight is to be below freezing with more rain. Tomorrow morning may be messier than this morning.

I’m building more chemistry kits today.

10:45 – There was an article in the paper this morning about recycling growing in Winston-Salem. We’re now well above average for the state. City residents recycled 13,000 tons (11,800+ metric tons) last year, or about 104 pounds (47 kilos) for every resident. That’s a significant increase over the prior year, and the authorities attribute it to the replacement of small bins that had to be carried out to the curb every week with rolling 96-gallon (365 liter) carts that we roll out to the curb every two weeks.

We’re probably about 20 times the average, call it a ton+ per year. We fill our recycle cart every time, packing it tightly, and we still usually have stuff left over that Barbara drops off at the recycling center or that we stuff in a neighbor’s cart (with her permission). In addition to the usual household stuff–newspapers, soft drink bottles, and so on–we have lots and lots of cardboard and packing material from incoming shipments.

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