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08:14 – Mr. Obama has done a lot of very stupid things, but ceding control of the Internet to “international stakeholders” has to rank among the stupidest. Control of the Internet–more specifically the root nameservers and IP address assignments–is a key US asset, and one that the US should refuse to relinquish under any circumstances. It’s bad enough that the US government controls the Internet through ICANN. Turning over that control to an international body is simply disastrous. Jon Postel must be spinning in his grave.

When I registered this domain name more than 19 years ago, there was little bureaucracy and no charge for a domain name. I had to register an alias, which was initially RBT1 and changed during the ICANN changeover to RT121. As RBT1, I set up two nameservers for my domain, filled in a short form, sent it off, and later that day received confirmation that my domain name was registered and would propagate to the root nameservers over the next day or so. That was it. Simple, fast, and free.

While I was at it, I also reserved a C-block of IP addresses for That was a matter of filling out another short form, including an explanation of why I needed the C-block. The guy upstream of us had to look at the application and decide if the request was reasonable. He decided it was, and a day or two later I had my C-block. Again, it was simple, fast, and free.

Then the US government decided to get more involved. ICANN was the result, and things started going downhill from there. I could live with IANA, but ICANN was a step way over the line. I knew then that we’d eventually regret that day, and there have been warning signs over the years. First, we started having to pay for domain names. Then ICANN took my C-block away from me. Now it appears that we’ll have the UN controlling the Internet, and doing so against our interests.

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  1. Dave B. says:

    The UN having control of the Internet will make ICANN look like the model of reasonableness and efficiency. Say what you will about the US Government, at least we actually have a First Amendment. Also, US law may be the only country with sensible libel laws.

  2. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Sensible libel laws is an oxymoron, especially mentioned in the same breath as the First Amendment. The concepts of libel, slander, and defamation generally should have no place in law. Anyone should be free to say or write anything about anyone. All that libel/slander laws do is make it lead the public to believe that any calumny spoken or written must be true or the person affected would sue. In the absence of such laws, people who hear or read vilifications would be much more likely to question them and to consider the source and motivations of the defamer.

  3. Dave B. says:

    Let me clarify. Our libel laws are relatively sensible with regard to a lot of other countries. That is the truth is clearly a defense here. Other places not so much. Much as I am critical of the bureaucratic mess that is ICANN, but realize that it is not nearly as bad as what the kleptocrats at the UN will come up with if they get their hands on the Internet.

  4. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Well, for all the talk about China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and other obnoxious countries wanting control of the Internet, this is actually an EU power play. With the exception of the UK, the EU really despises personal and economic freedom. It’s all about government control and protectionism, as evidenced by the EU’s current obnoxious attempt to forbid US producers from labeling cheeses with their traditional names as a part of a “free trade” agreement. The EU wouldn’t know free trade if it bit them. It’s a shame that Canada gave in to these statist goons.

  5. MrAtoz says:

    Domain names are like property/land today. You have to pay the rest of your life to have it. Miss paying the “tax” and your DN is scooped up until you sue/negotiate/pay to get it back. Miss your property taxes and a lien is put on your life. Miss your HOA fees and your house is taken.

    I thought this might be Mr. OFD at first (lol):

  6. OFD says:

    My hair ain’t gray yet.

    And I could have got my point across in three minutes, but that said, this is yet another example of what most of the comments below say: the regime continues to ratchet down the controls, and all across the country in places like this there are the obedient little commissars and gaulieters who will enforce what they think is the right thing to do, no matter how repressive and fascist.

    Apparently only one or two people on that township board called for the arrest or the police went ahead with it on their own hook, while everyone else sat there silent. That’s how it will be from now on; this kind of activity done to ordinary law-abiding citizens while others stand by in fear and trembling.

    And it’s almost funny how the cops start manhandling and beating and tasing people at the drop of a hat while shouting “Stop resisting!” Is it considered resistance when you keep hitting their boots with your face? Or is it if you don’t drop to the ground prone fast enough like SS guards made prisoners do at the Nazi concentration camps?

    I hope if it ever comes down to it here, the locals/cops have some common sense and don’t start right off beating on me. If they do, I’m taking some of them with me to the ER.

    41 here now, and a couple inches of snow/rain mix tonight, supposedly.

  7. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Policing has definitely changed over the last few decades, and not for the better. I blame it on political correctness, multiculturalism, and litigation attorneys. I mentioned a few days ago that cops divided the world into cops, civilians, and scumbags, and that used to be true. Increasingly, though, cops are dividing the world into cops and a catch-all group of civilians and scumbags. And I kind of understand why.

    It used to be that cops protected civilians, who appreciated what they did. Those cops would never have dreamed of treating civilians like scumbags, as many do now. They treated the actual scumbags and low-lifes as they deserved to be treated, and those scumbags feared them. And the civilians looked the other way, as well they should have. Every cop in the world “profiled”, which is now a dirty word, but used to be recognized as a Good Thing–cops exercising good judgement. There was nothing racist about it: cops of whatever color profiled people the same way. If they were more likely to be suspicious of a young black man than of a middle-aged white woman, well that was (and is) reality.

    If you were a solid citizen, the cops were your friends. If you were a bad actor, they were your enemies, and that’s as it should be. Now the cops pretty much treat everyone as an enemy and we are forced to do the same with them. I’ve told Barbara never, ever speak to a cop voluntarily. Never, ever invite him in the door. If he asks her permission to do something, deny it. And get an attorney involved without a second thought.

    And the real bitch is that most cops hate doing things this way. Other than a few would-be Rambos, they’re pretty much as they always have been. They fear the system as much as anyone else does. For acting reasonably, they can lose their jobs and their pensions, or even end up behind bars.

  8. OFD says:

    Agreed on the causes for the decline in the police forces over the past forty years; all three of which are why I got out in ’86, plus the accumulated stress, most of which originated within the department brass, which any honest cop will still tell you.

    As for those cops who stand by and go along with that the psychos are doing, all I can say is that if you’re in a job with that much life-and-death power over your fellow decent citizens and you’re gonna be a good little Nazi or Young Pioneer and tacitly support this abuse and the ongoing series of atrocities we hear about increasingly, you need to sit down and have a long talk with yourself about what is right and wrong. Maybe look at another line of work.

    Because if you don’t, you will come to regret what you’ve done and left undone, either in a nearer future than you might think, or eventually, in any case.

  9. Lynn McGuire says:

    It is actually worse than that. The internet is legally the property of the USA government. The USA government paid for the development of the internet and should reap the rewards of it, including financial rewards. Instead, Obummer, just like Jimmy Carter gave away the Panama Canal to the Chinese, is giving away the naming rights to the world. Probably the UN. Maybe the EU.

    The UN has been desperately looking for a funding mechanism for its property redistribution game to its bureaucrats. It is amazing how wealthy UN bureaucrats are when they have been in office for a while. The UN has been trying to get a worldwide global warming tax system in place. Looks like they may used internet names instead for funding.

    This is all planned by Obummer and the UN bureaucrats. He will get a cut after this is all finished. Expect a rocky road as the transfer process goes on.

  10. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Maybe another Jon Postel will show up and just take it away from them. Of course, he died young under questionable circumstances soon after he did that to the US government in 1998.

  11. Dave B. says:

    If you were a solid citizen, the cops were your friends. If you were a bad actor, they were your enemies, and that’s as it should be. Now the cops pretty much treat everyone as an enemy and we are forced to do the same with them. I’ve told Barbara never, ever speak to a cop voluntarily. Never, ever invite him in the door. If he asks her permission to do something, deny it. And get an attorney involved without a second thought.

    Here’s a popular video from Youtube of a law professor saying the same thing. He wanted to be fair, so offered a police detective the opportunity to respond to his advice. The police detective agreed with him.

  12. Lynn McGuire says:

    Ah, it sucks to be me today. Someone is attacking my website with a IE6 botnet. Over 10,000 bots, worldwide. They hit me 100,000 times yesterday, downloading my main website index.html file. Over and over again.

    They are increasing the hits 10 to 20% each day. My server is running 2 to 5% cpu load and the bandwidth was 2.4 GB yesterday.

  13. OFD says:

    Not to worry; soon the globalist hegemony will have control of the internet and such abuses will be a thing of the past.

  14. bgrigg says:

    “Not to worry; soon the globalist hegemony will have control of the internet and such abuses will be common.”

    Fixed that for ya!

  15. OFD says:

    The good thing here is that we have a worldwide “community” of hackers who can work to defeat this kind of crap; the Tor and Tails projects are good examples of this and it’s still early days.

  16. Lynn McGuire says:

    Forgot the other part of my travails. At first, they went after my google advertising. They saturated that each morning in the first hour at 50 hits at $2.00 each. That was my daily budget of $100.00 per day.

  17. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Well, I’m no pilot, but that explanation makes sense to me.

    What really surprised me was that apparently only old-school pilots are constantly thinking about what they’d do if a fire broke out or an engine fell off. I’d expect that every pilot–particularly an airline pilot–would be constantly aware of and updating his or her options throughout the flight.

  18. OFD says:

    Agreed, and as an ex-soldier and ex-cop I think about that stuff all the time, sadly or not, whenever I’m out and about, especially in vehicle traffic. Also sadly, always watching peoples’ hands and best fields of fire. Uncle trained me real good.

    Another old-school pilot had said earlier that he was confident they’d find the wreckage sooner or later.

    J’ever notice how all the good stuff is old-school? Music, art, firearms, vehicles, cops, airlines and pilots, food prices, restaurants, shoe repair stores, etc., etc.?

  19. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    You and me both, although I don’t have any military/government training. Any time I’m out of the house I’m constantly in yellow, flickering in and out of orange as I notice potential threats. That’s even when I’m not armed. I think about the only time I’m in white is when I’m asleep. And even then… I’m not as dangerous as I used to be when someone touches me while I’m asleep, but I used to wake up in full combat mode. I stunned more than a couple of my girlfriends that way, one of whom I literally sent flying across the room.

    Yeah, we’ve lost a lot from the Good Olde Days, but we’ve gained a lot as well.

  20. MrAtoz says:

    My Army chopper training was constant “situational awareness.” Know where to land, closest facilities, always in positive contact (radar, radio, etc.), scanning constantly. That’s how I taught my kids to drive. Always know what’s going on in your AO. They don’t even teach that in driver training.

  21. OFD says:

    Yellow most of the time here, with, like you say, flickering into orange sometimes, and no red for quite a while now. Didn’t fling any gf’s or wives across the bedroom but scared the hell out of them a few times when they startled me awake, and they usually made sure not to do that again. But those memories and reflexes have grown kinda dim during sleep times as I slip further into senility and decrepitude.

    Will have to rely on nasty booby traps, mines, and attack dawgs….

    …and the dawg we got here is not an attack mutt by any stretch.

    Since the good old daze we’ve gained the net, but if the juice cuts out, that’s the end of that. Some better medical science and procedures. Computers themselves, but again, reliant on the juice, as is much of business and government. More scientific and engineering knowledge. A better grasp of history and geography, at least for some of us. I’m running outta stuff now…

    …and my guess is that our best-case scenario here in North Murka may end up being a return back to the good old days of circa 1900, which wouldn’t be a huge break here in northern New England. There are many miles of unpaved roads up here still, some pockets of dial-up internet and party lines, and 3/4 of northern Nova Anglia and the Maritimes are rural. The biggest city is Halifax, NS, and the runners-up are way down in population; Frederickton and Manchester, NH. Also, however relevant these days, 97% of the population in the three northern New England states and the three Maritimes of NB, NS and PEI is Caucasian and Northwest European.

    But we’re equidistant now from Montreal and Montpelier, VT, and the former has a core population of two-million, with another two-million in the greater metro area. If memory serves, it’s the largest city in Canada. Did I mention that on our last trip up there we did not see a single police cruiser? Daughter sez it’s a lot safer there than even here in town, LOL.

    ‘Cause here in town we have meth houses within a coupla miles, and other dirtbags amassing truckloads of pills to sell, plus some heroin and crack. The meth joints use the one-pot method, so not quite as advanced as Walter White. And the cops periodically find a dead body somewhere, usually not dead from natural causes.

    I think of this as possibly the northern set of “Justified.” With rarely anyone as cute as this:

  22. MrAtoz says:

    I wonder if Bill Gates has read this.

    I would posit college is not for most.

  23. bgrigg says:

    “But we’re equidistant now from Montreal and Montpelier, VT, and the former has a core population of two-million, with another two-million in the greater metro area. If memory serves, it’s the largest city in Canada. ”

    Nope, it’s second. Toronto has 2.6 million, while Montreal has 1.6 million, and growth has slowed substantially, only 1.6% between 2006-2011. If the PQ get their majority, I expect another diaspora of Anglos fleeing the province, like back in 1970 when the FLQ destabilized the region. At some point in the near future I expect Calgary to eclipse Montreal as their growth is 10.9% over the same period of time

    Montreal is also home to the annual police brutality marches every year. It’s not the criminals you have to worry about it’s the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal!

  24. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I think of this as possibly the northern set of “Justified.” With rarely anyone as cute as this:

    Heh, heh, heh. When we started watching Justified, I had Barbara nearly convinced that Joelle Carter was President Carter’s daughter. She found out the truth and smacked me.

  25. OFD says:

    On the cops in Montreal; they seem to target street people mostly; we didn’t see any of the latter up there, either, but it was a raw cold day. The annual protest organizers ought to have, by now, learned how to counter standard cop riot-control maneuvers; it can be done. But they probably just want the media attention and are willing to sacrifice a few busted noggins and tased peeps for that and to arouse public sentiment.

    Interesting population figures; and although PQ has many Anglos, the signage is all bi-lingual now, yet most everybody speaks English anyway.

    The Slate article on college illustrates what I saw up-close and firsthand at four Murkan colleges and universities during my grad school sentences in Maffachufetts and Nova Caesarea. The vast majority of kids didn’t belong there. My freshman English classes had about 50% 8th-grade remedial-level English skills at best and the other half were ESL students. The African-American kids were the worst-off, yet the pressure was on to push them through anyway. I didn’t have any Asian kids in those classes; they’d long since mastered English and were in upper-level STEM courses, mostly.

    I probably didn’t belong in college, either; I had high SAT and Achievement scores and AP course work in high school (yeah, English and American History) but sucked at math and science. I undoubtedly benefited from Uncle kicking my ass at seventeen but wish it hadn’t been so costly in the subsequent years, serving in his war machine for not much worth a shit. When I took vocational aptitude testing on my discharge from Uncle’s plantations, it came down to the top two being lawyer and English teacher, LOL. So I became a cop who ended up staying inside a lot and typing up other cops’ reports and going to court for the department and being a crime statistics officer. Of course whenever I pissed off the brass I was sent out onto the midnight shift streets in the shittiest parts of the city.

    But if I ran the operation, kids would be tested in high school and a very small percentage would be channeled beyond that, and mostly into STEM degrees, anyway. The majority would have to find another path, and preferably not in the military. Right now, up here, the available paths are military, local gas station/Subway, or fire up a one-pot meth lab, maybe sell some pills.

  26. OFD says:

    “…that Joelle Carter was President Carter’s daughter.”

    Had Barbara ever seen or heard of the real Carter daughter??? Amy? She didn’t exactly turn into a swan like Joelle but she ain’t bad, either.

  27. SteveF says:

    On the cops in Montreal; they seem to target street people mostly; we didn’t see any of the latter up there, either, but it was a raw cold day.

    I have acquaintances in San Francisco and Dallas (area) who mention the homeless and the bums (to the extent that there’s a difference) and the permanent “campers”. I occasionally mention that we don’t have many of them up here, on account of they die.

    The annual protest organizers ought to have, by now, learned how to counter standard cop riot-control maneuvers; it can be done.

    Method 1: Set up snipers in buildings facing the march route.

    Method 2: Steal a heavy vehicle. This can be a van or SUV if that’s all you can get, but a delivery truck or a rig is better. Find a zombie patriot* who can drive it, and have him plow into the skirmish line. (Alternatively, get a driver wearing a mask and gloves, and plan a route that’ll let him plow through then drive to a nearby place where he can un-ass the vehicle and disappear. This is much more difficult to organize.)

    Method 3: Put Guy Fawkes masks or other standard disguises on the marchers, or at least the provocateur group. Provoke the pigs. Slip some masks on clearly innocent bystanders, like octogenarians or five-year-old girls. Take pictures of them being beaten by the pigs.

    Probably not quite what you had in mind, but my instincts and training are for amping up conflicts to full-blown riots, preferably leading to revolutions. As I said, probably not quite what you hand in mind.

    * Someone who’s going to die anyway but is still functional, and who figures that if he’s going to die anyway he’ll die doing something meaningful.

  28. OFD says:

    “…probably not quite what you hand in mind.”

    Currently I would favor non-violent methods of countering police riots and the standard urban law enforcement street control operations. Perhaps something along the lines of your Method 3. Another way would be to run a feint demonstration at the expected site and meanwhile a previously organized and massive flash mob shows up somewhere else, while also having tipped off the media and making the police look like fools. Run some more anti-cop capers at their branch stations and HQ while most of them are fiddling with the demonstrations. Jam their radio and phone nets. Replace traffic signage and jam the lights.

    But as the cops amp up their retaliatory tactics and brutalities, I’d have no problem with escalating likewise, as you suggest. Start with turning tasers and pepper sprays back on them; sugar up their vehicle fuel tanks, spike tires. Amp up the electronic countermeasures.

    Once they start actually shooting, well, whole new ball game. Advise snipers to aim for ranking officer leadership cadres and any authority figures in suits. That bus plowing into their lines? Fill it with napalm and shrapnel. Have pre-placed IEDs to light off when reinforcements arrive.

    I hope, of course, that nothing comes to that level, but suspect it well may, eventually. The globalists are intent on reducing population levels, retaining control and in fact expanding it over surviving populations, vastly increasing their own wealth and power, etc. It will be in their interests to set various sectors of the population against each other, as it will to especially exacerbate ethnic and racial animosities. They pretty much rejoice in war, famine and disease and would welcome that Pale Rider with open arms and set him on the rest of us in a heartbeat.

    Once the financial system house of cards collapses, inevitably, (we’re $17-trillion in the hole, incidentally), all this stuff will escalate drastically. And if Peak Oil occurs right after that, we’re looking at a new Dark Ages, starting in about 2030 or so. I’ll be closing in on 80 and rather than lie hooked up to oxygen and IV tubes and a bedpan, would rather go out like a zombie patriot.

  29. OFD says:

    I’m supposed to be a pessimist:

    “Russia promised to respond “symmetrically.” In its arsenal is: popping the huge financial bubble and causing a resumption of the financial collapse of 2008 by any number of means, from requiring gold instead of fiat currency as payment for oil and gas, to dumping US dollar reserves (in concert with China), to putting the EU on a fast track to economic collapse by giving the natural gas valve a slight clockwise twist, to leaving US and NATO troops in Afghanistan (who are about to start evacuating) stranded and without resupply by declaring force majeure on the cooperative arrangement currently in effect, where much of their resupply route is allowed to pass through Russian territory. That’s if Russia chose to act decisively. But Russia could also choose to do little or nothing, and then just the financial contagion from Ukraine’s forthcoming bond default and financial jitters over Ukrainian chaos disrupting natural gas deliveries to Europe could be enough to topple the West’s teetering financial house of cards.”

  30. Miles_Teg says:

    Postel looks a lot like I imagine OFD to look like… 🙂

    I agree, handing over control of the Internet to the UN/EU or whoever is idiotic. Hope that can be undone when the dope’s out off office. Why did he do it?

  31. Miles_Teg says:

    $2 a hit for Google advertising? I would have expected 1/100th of a cent per hit.

  32. Lynn McGuire says:

    $2 a clickthrough for google advertising. I have no idea what the presentation (impression) cost is, I am not even sure that they charge for that.

    I don’t think that OFD has an old man time beard. He was a HAL+111 employee and is aching, just aching, to go back to work for them again.

  33. OFD says:

    Mrs. OFD remarked the other day that a recent pic of me made me look “like that dude on Breaking Bad.”

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