Day: March 31, 2014

Monday, 31 March 2014

09:29 – As of this morning our inventory of FK01A forensic science kits stands at -1. Fortunately, we have 16 more ready to box up, so that outstanding order will ship today and we’ll have 15 left in stock, assuming no more are ordered today. Barbara got a good start yesterday on labeling bottles for 60 more FK01A forensic kits, so making up solutions and filling those goes on my to-do list with all the other stuff.

Colin missed his calling as a tracking dog. Border Collies are frequently used as tracking dogs, search & rescue dogs, corpse dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, and so on. Their noses aren’t quite as sensitive as those of Bloodhounds, but the BC’s much higher intelligence offsets that. BC’s are, for example, capable of discriminating between the odor of a human corpse and that of animal corpses and understanding that they should ignore all but human corpses. Colin is a natural tracker. Particularly now that it’s spring, our walks consist mostly of Colin trotting along, nose to the ground, following one thing or another. I’m tempted to have Barbara go for a walk, wait until she’s well out of sight, and have Colin attempt to track her.

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