Monday, 10 June 2013

07:49 – The morning paper reports an unusual case of hit-and-run. The driver stopped and called the police; it was the victim who ran. Apparently, the driver was proceeding south on US 52 near Akron Drive at about 1:00 Sunday morning when someone stepped out in front of his car. He was unable to stop in time or avoid the pedestrian, and his car struck the pedestrian, knocking him down. The driver didn’t have a cell phone, so he ran up to Akron Drive to find a phone, leaving the pedestrian lying by the side of the road. When the cops arrived, the pedestrian was gone. They found only one shoe, a bit of blood, and damage to the front of the driver’s car. A K9 unit tracked the victim as far as Patterson Avenue and then lost the trail. The police are checking hospitals and asking anyone with information to call them. It sounds to me as though the victim was probably carrying drugs or something else that made him anxious to avoid the police at all costs.

For the time being, Barbara’s dad is doing no better and no worse. Barbara had lunch with her mom yesterday, and said her mom wants Dutch moved to Hospice because she’s convinced he’d be happier there. Barbara explained to her that Dutch’s condition isn’t bad enough yet for Hospice to accept him, but that they will move him there when he’s ready to go there. Frankly, I’m surprised that Dutch has been able to hold on this long. I didn’t expect him to live through April, let alone May. He’s fragile but tough.

Work continues on new batches of science kits. I made up a bunch of chemical solutions for the kits yesterday, two or four liters at a time. I have thousands of labeled bottles ready to be filled, which I’ll get started on today.

14 thoughts on “Monday, 10 June 2013”

  1. Or running from someone. Who was able to catch him once the car hit him. I guess which is more likely depends on how solidly he was hit.

  2. Hadn’t thought about that, but it seems more likely than what I thought.

  3. He might have been an illegal alien. Happens all the time in Texas – car wreck, one car is driven by an illegal, they bail before cops get there.

  4. “He might have been an illegal alien. Happens all the time in Texas – car wreck, one car is driven by an illegal, they bail before cops get there.”
    Roger that…same true in our local illegal alien, crimmigrant neighborhoods. No driver’s license, no liability insurance, no reason to hang around to get deported.

  5. Go back on subject from last week:

    If you want to profile a male, Hispanic illegal alien, you will never find one in short pants. Practice profiling at your local Home Depot, car wash, lawn maintenance crew, etc.

  6. Ha, Home Depot, car wash and lawn maintenance crews up here are all Caucasians. Hispanics, all couple of hundred of them in the state, are on the dairy farms. Jamaicans for the apple orchards. We rarely see any of these folks. Chick on the riding mower just now out front doing the back lawn of the town hall and then the town park in back of us is pretty cute, but of course I’m old enough to be her grandpa.

    Where did all the years go???

  7. “Ha, Home Depot, car wash and lawn maintenance crews up here are all Caucasians..”
    Actually, I don’t mean Home depot employees. Here they wait on the sidewalk in front of HD looking for pick-up work. But don’t worry, in a few years of obamination of amnesty, you too will be overrun with them.

  8. Naw, they don’t like it up here; too cold and a whole different culture, i.e., northern New England Rural. Ditto the other usual American minority ethnic groups, with the exception of a handful of Bosnian Serbs and hadjis down in Burlington, our “big city” of approx. 50k. For some reason we’re not getting hordes of Scandinavians, Brits, Germans and Russians.

  9. Same sort of thing has gone on here in this country for a long time; they let these animals out of their cages and then no one is ever accountable for it after they’ve raped or murdered someone again, which some of them have actually said they were going to do, first thing.

    If I was Mrs. Meagher’s husband, I would find a way to not only get this guy but also the people responsible for turning him loose, rest assured.

  10. not only get this guy but also the people responsible for turning him loose

    Atheism is a responsibility as much as anything else. I do not believe in any justice in the afterlife, nor any afterlife at all. Any justice has to be had in this life, which means it’s up to us, here, to mete it out. Same goes for retribution, if any is to be had.

    The only thing holding me back from killing huge numbers of people is lack of faith in the infallibility of my judgment. Well, that’s a lie. I’m a lazyass. That’s the major impediment. After that, though, is my lack of faith in my infallible judgment.

    Hypothetically, however, when my own personal ox is gored, I’ll bestir myself to smite not only the immediate perpetrator but his facilitators, until justice and/or retribution are satisfied.

    Drifting topic a bit, “statistics say” that for every career felon taken off the street, thirty (or whatever) felonies are prevented. Now apply that to sponge-headed parole board members who let career felons back out onto the street. And to sleezy defense lawyers who get clearly guilty felons off on technicalities. (Sure, every defendant is entitled to a defense, but there’s a line between protecting the defendant’s rights and trampling over everyone else’s rights.) How much good can be done by killing these facilitators?

  11. A lot. A whole lot.

    And my little millstone is my personal religious belief; we’re told to choose life and not to commit an evil to create a good. But on the other hand, wouldn’t this be self-defense? Related to a just war? My other problem is seeing the rampant injustice and evil in this world and knowing that frail as we are, it’s impossible for us to rectify it all in this life; so if there is no afterlife, then there is no justice, and the evil simply exists and tough shit for us all.

    One then wonders what the point of it all is, and off we go down some pretty dark and dreary roads. Be a good boy or girl as best you can and muddle through life and try to do the right thing and have a nice life and hope for the best. On the other hand, why not do whatever the hell you want and have yourself a ball as long as you can?

    What stops atheists from doing the latter? And why is it so hard for believers to accomplish the former?

  12. Not all morality arises from religion. Variations of this conversation come up often, and there’s no point in rehashing it in detail at midnight.

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