Wednesday, 26 June 2013

09:55 – I ended up filling those 150 bottles of glycerol yesterday, along with several hundred other bottles. Today I’ll make up more chemicals for the forensic kits and fill a bunch more bottles.

Meanwhile, Obama seems determined to prove that the country cannot survive eight years of Bush followed by eight years of him. Incredibly, his latest idiocy is a War on Coal. Given that we and other animals exhale carbon dioxide, I’m expecting Obama’s next move to be a War on Breathing. At this point, the best we can hope for is that the Republicans take majorities in both houses in the 2014 elections and do their best to gridlock government entirely. That, and repeal ObamaCare before it destroys our entire health-care system.

Actually, I wish our Founding Fathers had borrowed one more idea from Republican Rome. Any Tribune of the Plebs could stop any proposed action or law simply by standing up and announcing, “Veto” (“I forbid”). There was no appeal or override of a veto. Once a Tribune of the Plebs vetoed something, it was off the table. If a law was already in effect, a veto voided it. The Founding Fathers should have given the same veto power to every member of the House of Representatives, which is (or should have been) our College of the Tribunes of the Plebs.