Thursday, 6 June 2013

07:23 – Happy Birthday to me. Today I turn the big Six-Oh.

Barbara’s dad still isn’t doing very well. I’ll stop over to visit him sometime today, and talk to the staff to see if I can find out exactly what’s going on. It may be a treatable infection, but we’re worried that it’s renal failure that’s causing or at least contributing to the problems. If it does turn critical, Barbara and the rest of Dutch’s family have instructed Brian Center that they don’t want him transported to the hospital. Brian Center is to contact Hospice. If Hospice has a room available, they’ll transport him there. If there’s no room available, Hospice personnel will care for Dutch at Brian Center until and if a room becomes available.

09:36 – I’m filling four liters worth of 30 mL iodine solution bottles, which reminded me that it’s time to get more iodine. So I just ordered 250 g of ACS iodine on eBay. I don’t have an account there, so I bought it as a guest. When I was filling out the address information, I entered our city as “Winston Salem” rather than “Winston-Salem” because the hyphen gives a lot of ecommerce systems fits. The page refreshed and told me to enter a correct city name. So I entered “Winston-Salem”, which it accepted. Geez. So then I get to the page where I provide my credit card information. The address was already filled in with “Winston-Salem”. When I clicked on Continue, the page refreshed and told me to enter a correct city name. So I deleted the hyphen to make it “Winston Salem”, which it accepted. Double geez.