Wednesday, 12 June 2013

09:54 – Barbara’s dad is still rallying. As of this morning, he was awake, sitting up in bed, and eating breakfast. He’s also talking, but he’s not making much sense. His urine output is still nil, so I’m not sure how he’s still even conscious let alone behaving comparatively normally. Al stayed with him overnight. Frances took Sankie home with her, where they were both able to get some sleep. France dropped Sankie off at Hospice on her way to work. Barbara and I stayed home last night. Today, Barbara is working on science kit stuff while waiting for a phone call. She’s going to run down to Hospice this afternoon to check on her mom and dad, but we simply can’t sustain the 24-hour thing any more. Someone, usually Sankie during the days, will be with Dutch, but we’re no longer going to try to have several or all family members there until the final crisis hits.

And we simply have to keep up with business here. For the last week we’ve been out of the CK01B chemistry kits, which sell two or three a week. So I’ve been tearing down CK01A kits and using the subset of the components that go into the CK01B kits to build more CK01B kits on the fly. We simply can’t keep doing that, if only because I’ll run us out of stock on the CK01A kits, so we’re working today on building a new batch of 30 of the CK01B kits. Then we’ll turn around and build a new batch of 30 or 60 CK01A kits to replenish stock on them.