Tuesday, 4 December 2012

08:19 – Barbara and I finished watching series 13 of Midsomer Murders on Netflix streaming last night. Availability of this series on Netflix has been very strange. For a long time, they had series one through ten. Then some time ago, they extended that to series one through twelve, so we watched series 11 and 12. Then, for a few months, they had only series 11 and 12 available, with series one through ten gone missing.

08:23 – I hate WordPress. I just wrote a long post and published it. When I clicked the Publish icon, WordPress popped up the login screen. So I logged in, called up the draft post, and published it. What I didn’t notice was that WordPress had lost all but the first paragraph. It apparently logged me out between the time that it autosaved that paragraph and the time I tried to publish. So that post is gone. I tried using the browser back button to get it back, but no dice. I really hate WordPress.

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  1. Well, as is unfortunately common in situations like this, they didn’t shoot the bastard enough.

  2. Interesting that I think having the beard would actually make him more likely to be found guilty. Let him appear to be the muslim terrorist he is.

    He should have been before a firing squad three years ago.

  3. Well, as is unfortunately common in situations like this, they didn’t shoot the bastard enough.

    I find your statement to be blatantly libelous of males conceived outside of wedlock.

  4. They don’t do firing squads anymore; they used to do hanging, but that’s probably out now, too. No idea; can’t remember when the last military death penalty was done, probably Private Slovik in the Good War.

    Nope, wrong again!

    “Date of last military execution On April 13, 1961, U.S. Army Private John A. Bennett was hanged after being convicted of rape and attempted murder. (R. Serrano, “Last Soldier to Die at Levenworth Hanged in an April Storm,” Los Angeles Times, 7/12/94).”

    In any case this piece of shit needs to get what our host has long recommended for hadji bastards. I would mete out the appropriate punishment also for the commanders over him who knew what a powder keg he was and let it slide, kept kicking that can down the road. Mrs. OFD, in her regular line of work, was on-site there immediately after the shooting, like when bodies were still being moved and blood was being mopped up.

  5. I’ve never understood why the cops should have to worry about “excessive use of force” in situations like this. If someone is armed and gives any indication that he intends to use or continue to use his weapon against the police or a bystander, the cops should be allowed (nay, encouraged) to shoot the son of a bitch until they get tired of shooting him.

    I am reminded of proper technique by the famous old tombstone:

    Here lies Lester Moore
    Four slugs from a .44
    No Less. No More.

  6. I find your statement to be blatantly libelous of males conceived outside of wedlock.

    I find your statement blatantly sexist. Women can be bastards, too.

  7. Why have we not executed this treasonous man? My son is still in the military reserves for another six months. He got called up just the other day by the Marine Corps so that a Marine General could give him and 20 others reservists an hour long speech about duty and honor to their country. If he did not show up then they were going to file a military warrant on him.

    Then a Marine Captain talked with him about duty to his country man to man for two hours. They want him back in the reserves very badly and cannot see that they have broken ranks with my son. They even offered him a reenlistment bonus which is unheard of in this time. The USA military has dishonored themselves by not executing this treasonous man. This is one of the reasons why my son is not re-upping. That and we are deploying reserves units to the front lines.

    BTW, my son emptied an entire Beretta 9mm clip into a Iraqi turncoat in Iraq in their 40 man FOB. Two other Marines shot him with their M4s also. The guy survived 20 shots after killing a Marine with a USA bought AK-47. They had to watch him get helicopter med-evacced twenty minutes later to a surgical hospital. For some reason these scum always survive.

    We are compromising the honor of our military. The consequences will be severe.

  8. Yes, technically and correctly speaking, women can indeed be bastards, but in our long history of English speech, we do not use the term in connection with the lovely and wonderful fairer sex. We usually use the other ‘b’ word and sometimes the ‘c’ word. Which I always wondered why it was so verboten when the ‘d’ and ‘p’ words are OK for men.

  9. Your son clearly has no obligation to re-up for active duty and has more than fulfilled any duty to his country and service, etc., etc., but you and he both know all that full well.

    Once again I am aghast and extremely angry that incidents like the one your son was in can clearly be seen to offer the solution immediately yet are not acted upon accordingly. Why in God’s name are we still equipping our guys with shitty Mattel Toy weapons that were shit when I was in there??? Over forty fucking years ago!!! While the hadjis have better shit, just like Charlie and the NVA and the Khmer Rouge and the Pathet Lao and the Thai Cong had! How many of our guys have died or been mangled because of this obscene travesty?

    Meanwhile an article in last month’s Atlantic Monthly describes how fucked up our generals have been for a long time now and how nobody’s accountable and our troops continue to be screwed.

  10. I’ve never owned an AR-15/M-16, but I’ve fired several. They never impressed me. What’s odd is that I shot an AR-10, which seemed excellent. Not quite as good as the G-3, but close.

    I understand that military powers that be consider the 7.62×51 to be unnecessarily heavy and powerful for an issue service rifle, but it seems to me that decades ago they should have adopted an intermediate-power round in the 6.5 to 7mm class, similar to the Soviet 7.62×39, but with a smaller caliber and higher velocity. The ammunition would still be light, and the round would be significantly more effective than the 5.56. And they should have matched that up with something a lot like a carbine version of the G-3.

  11. Of course. But for some reason this has not been done, despite the plethora of hard evidence indicating its vital necessity. Again, cui bono?

  12. And the powers-that-be never worried about the heaviness of the M1 Garand back in the day, which seemed to do a pretty good job on the Japanese and Germans and Italians. (also a bunch of southeast Asians for a while, until the M14, which, being real good, of course, was dumped for the M16.

  13. Again, cui bono?

    That question cuts to the quick in most human mysteries. That, of course, is why it’s never asked by The Powers That Be, nor by the nominally independent, nominally inquisitive Fourth Estate.

    Regarding offensive terms for women and for men, the comic book Kick Ass introduced “tunk” as the male equivalent of “cunt”: a word which could never be uttered in polite conversation.

  14. Interesting how all the simple, short Anglo-Saxon words ended up on the bad word list. I’ve always thought that has a lot to do with the Normans kicking the Anglo-Saxons’ collective asses (excuse me: derrières) and introducing long Frenchified words to replace short, useful Anglo-Saxon ones. After all, who but the lower class would continue to use those nasty words? So just about every word on Carlin’s extended dirty word list derives from the Anglo-Saxon, and none or nearly none from the Norman.

  15. Bob,

    Never EVER trust post-creation to a *web*-based form! :=)

    Making it a habit to compose all of your writing in a local, resident text editor and then just pasting it into your journal on-line will GUARANTEE that you won’t lose precious time and effort when for whatever reason your “Net connection hiccups or WP crashes, etc.

    It’s happened to me way too many times and so years ago I stopped writing inside a web browser and now compose all text locally in a text editor and copy it to the browser to publish it when I am ready.


    Alberto S. Lopez
    Los Angeles, CA

  16. “He should have been before a firing squad three years ago.”

    I’ve always thought a firing squad is a comparatively dignified and honourable way to go, so it’s too good for this guy. I’d just castrate him and hang him, which I think is the worst way to go.

    If I was the Army I’d just want this over, so I’d let him keep his beard, try him and send him on his way to hell.

  17. Nail his penis to a log, give him a dull knife, and light the other end of the log on fire. Pour encourager les autres.

  18. You forgot burying him in a pig’s carcass like the British in Afghanistan used to do. We have plenty of feral hogs here in Texas, two million at the last count. We could find a few for him.

  19. I don’t understand the bit about the beard either. Just tell him that he’s violating military regulations (which he already darned well knows), and that each appearance unshaven will result in an additional penalty added to whatever he winds up with.

    Really, this is another case where the right to a speedy trial is important. There’s just no excuse for dragging this out – it’s a mess for the victim’s families, it discredits the military justice system, it’s just bad all around…

  20. “Nail his penis to a log, give him a dull knife, and light the other end of the log on fire. Pour encourager les autres.”

    I saw a situation like that in a movie once, a guy was manacled to a burning car that was going to blow up in, say, five minutes. He was given a hacksaw and told he could use it to cut through his ankle and live, or try to cut through the manacle and probably die.

    Can’t remember the name of the movie. Damn it, “Getting Old Is Hell.” ™

  21. Miles_Teg, that was Mad Max. Were you employing (purported) humor in your purported absent-mindedness?

  22. Mad Max I? I thought so but wasn’t sure.

    Mad Max II is one of my all time favourites, Mad Max III (with the delectable Tina Turner) was okay too, but I’ve only watched Mad Max I once, it just never appealed to me that much.

    As I said, “Getting Old Is Hell.” ™ Soon I’ll probably forget my own name… 🙁

  23. Ya know what they say: memory is the second thing to go. I can’t remember what the first was 😛

  24. In my case, long-term memory gets better and better; stuff from half a century ago like it just happened, in detail. Stuff from ten seconds ago not so much.

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