Monday, 24 December 2012

08:19 – The lead story in the paper this morning is about the investigation of UNC academic fraud led by former governor Jim Martin. As the article headline suggests, the “investigation” was more a whitewash than anything else. One paragraph from the article sums things up pretty well:

“He did the who, what, where, I guess, but he never answered the why,” Willingham said. “He had the opportunity to expose that, and I think intentionally he chose not to do it because I don’t think he wanted to expose the corruption of the NCAA and the athletic program.”

13:34 – As I was packing up kits today, the wipe-down blade broke off my tape dispenser. The dispenser actually works fine without the wipe-down blade–all I do is brush down the tape with the back of my hand, which I do anyway–but I decided I’d better order a replacement anyway. The dispenser is a U-Line H-150, which they sent me for free the last time I ordered a case of packing tape, so U-Line was the only source for the part. So I ordered a pack of three replacement wipe-down blades for $6 and a pack of a dozen spare blades for $12. Given that I’m still using the original blade with no problems after more than 30 long rolls of tape, that dozen will probably be a life-time supply. While I was at it, I figured I’d better get some more packing tape. The prices at office supply stores and Amazon are pretty outrageous, so I decided just to order another case of U-Line tape. So I now have about 3.8 kilometers of 5 cm packing tape on the way. Oh, yeah. And another free H-150 tape dispenser.