Tuesday, 4 December 2012

08:19 – Barbara and I finished watching series 13 of Midsomer Murders on Netflix streaming last night. Availability of this series on Netflix has been very strange. For a long time, they had series one through ten. Then some time ago, they extended that to series one through twelve, so we watched series 11 and 12. Then, for a few months, they had only series 11 and 12 available, with series one through ten gone missing.

08:23 – I hate WordPress. I just wrote a long post and published it. When I clicked the Publish icon, WordPress popped up the login screen. So I logged in, called up the draft post, and published it. What I didn’t notice was that WordPress had lost all but the first paragraph. It apparently logged me out between the time that it autosaved that paragraph and the time I tried to publish. So that post is gone. I tried using the browser back button to get it back, but no dice. I really hate WordPress.