Monday, 31 December 2012

07:33 – The Democrats and Republicans are still locked in a struggle at the top of Reichenbach Falls. I’m hoping that the Democrats are Moriarty and the Republicans Holmes, but I’m afraid they’re both going over the edge this time. Well, not afraid, really. I still think they’ll come to an agreement, but only to keep the old tax rates for middle-class taxpayers and perhaps to keep milk prices from doubling. And even that level of agreement may take another month or more, although I’m sure the tax rates will apply retroactively.

Housecleaning continues. Barbara has already gotten a lot done, and we’ll get more done today and tomorrow. Today we’re starting on the Augean Stables, AKA my office.

10:04 – After only a couple of hours, we’ve already cleaned up the floor of my office and the top of my main desk. Next up is my secondary desk or perhaps my tertiary desk.

Oh, and after finding purchase orders, invoices, packing lists, and assorted other paperwork scattered in piles all over my office, Barbara has decreed that from now on she’s taking over responsibility for all paperwork. In my defense, I keep copies of POs on my computer, and I’ve never been late paying an invoice. I just treat the paper itself with disdain. At least I do keep all of it.

14:22 – My office is about 90% clean. I still need to clean off my secondary desk and do a bit more on my tertiary desk. While we were cleaning my office, Barbara found an easter egg: five spare 30-round AR-15/Mini-14 magazines that I’d forgotten I had. Maybe I should see if a DC TV station wants to interview me.

And our business year is officially over. We just shipped our final science kit of 2012. Like the first kit of the year we shipped back in January, this one was a CK01AG chemistry kit.