Saturday, 22 December 2012

09:04 – As I expected, kit sales have fallen off a cliff. None overnight or so far today. If last year is any indication, we’ll probably sell half a dozen kits during the last week of the year, and that’ll be it until the New Year.

Barbara is off until next Wednesday and then most of that week. She’s starting this morning on her Deep Clean, beginning with the finished area downstairs. Last week, we donated a sofa and table/chairs to a moving company that transports used furniture to people who need it, freeing up some space downstairs. Barbara will vacuum the floors, walls, and ceiling in the areas that are currently open, we’ll move furniture into those areas, and then she’ll vacuum the newly freed-up areas. After a couple of iterations, we should have the whole area clean and the furniture where it’s supposed to be.

11:04 – Barbara is making a lot of progress in the finished area of the basement. Out in the garage area, I just used the last new 4-foot fluorescent tube I had in stock to replace a flickering one. Three or four of the six 4-foot tubes in my lab are starting very slowly now, so I need to re-stock on fluorescent tubes soon. I was expecting replacing all ten in the basement and six in my lab to be an expensive project. The last time I bought a fluorescent tube was probably three or four years ago, when I replaced the 2-foot 20W tube in the kitchen. At the time, I though the price was outrageous, something like $12 for that one tube. But I just checked the Home Depot web site, which sells 10-packs of 4-foot 40W 2300+ lumen 6500K tubes for $25 or $30. Now the only problem will be disposing of the old tubes, which can’t just be thrown in the trash.