Day: October 30, 2011

Sunday, 30 October 2011

08:11 – Barbara goes to the doctor for a follow-up visit this week. She’s really hoping he’ll approve her to drive and return to work. She’s still in some pain, but she’s stopped taking the oxycodone and is now taking tramadol. If I were her doctor, I’d approve her to return to work.

The blizzard that hit the northeast didn’t make it this far south. But we had cold rain Friday night and yesterday morning and lows last night about a degree above freezing, so we just missed it. As has been true of all our Border Collie pups, the cold weather invigorates Colin, not that he needs any invigorating. For the last couple of days, he’s been charging around disregarding his leash, sometimes nearly pulling me off my feet. We use a long roller leash, and Colin learned very early exactly how long it was. Ordinarily, he knows he’s about to run out of leash and stops before it jerks him to a stop. Lately, he’s been ignoring that.

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