Day: October 22, 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

09:08 – Barbara is doing very well. It’s only been a little more than two weeks since her surgery, and she’s already getting around pretty well. She can’t wait to get back to work, although she’ll have to wait at least a couple more weeks for that. Meanwhile, she’s up and around the house and able to do light stuff. She cooked dinner the last two nights, and walked down the block with me yesterday to talk with Kim.

I just downgraded our Netflix account to streaming-only. Our DVD queue still has 100 or more discs in it, but they’re all low priority stuff. Meanwhile, our streaming queue is full of stuff that we actually want to watch. So, for the next few months we’ll watching streaming material and wait for more DVD-only stuff to accrue. Then we’ll go back to a 2- or 3-at-a-time disc plan and watch that stuff.

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