Wednesday, 19 October 2011

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09:56 – Barbara’s recovery continues. She had a minor problem yesterday during physical therapy when she felt faint. Fortunately, her physical therapist is 6’8″ (203 cm) and about 300 pounds (135 kilos), so he just caught her and sat her down.

Barbara’s blood pressure is normally on the low end of the normal range, and she’s been giving herself daily injections of an anticoagulant that lists low blood pressure as a side effect. She gives herself the shot early in the morning, and until yesterday the physical therapist had been visiting in mid- to late afternoon. Yesterday, he came in the morning, not long after she’d taken the drug. We’re convinced that the problem was due to the anticoagulant. Fortunately, today was the last day for that. Now she’s supposed to take one 325 mg aspirin tablet daily for the next month.

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  1. Raymond Thompson says:

    Credit card number got stolen last night. We called to order tickets for a show in Pigeon Forge and later that night a charge was attempted for a site I have never visited. Got a text alert on my phone where the charge was blocked. Called the CC company and had the card invalidated. Having text alerts is a good thing. Charge was blocked because my card does not allow overseas transactions.

    When my car got broken into and my wife’s purse stolen I had to go through this. The breakin happened on Friday night. Called all the CC companies at 10:30P and blocked the cards asking for new cards. No transactions had taken place. VISA took 10 days to get a new card. Discover had a new card to me Saturday morning at 10:00A via FedEx, less than 12 hours, no extra charge.

  2. Jim Cooley says:

    Murdoch Mysteries:

    In Victorian-era Toronto, Inspector William Murdoch uses unconventional scientific methods to crack complex murder cases, including the deaths of a well-known attorney, a professional pugilist, a former theater owner and a prominent philanthropist.

    Fluffy, but fun.

  3. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    We watched the Murdoch Mysteries or at least some of them, but I found them intolerable. I know too much about forensics and the history of forensics to tolerate the bogosity without gagging.

  4. SteveF says:

    The Hulk as your physical therapist.

    Pro: Can catch you if you fall.

    Con: “Stop slacking! My grandmother could lift that weight ten more times!” and he’s not exaggerating.

  5. OFD says:

    Gee, now I feel like a midget weakling, at only 6’5″ and 260. I can lift our 240-pound son in the air and the back end of the Saab wagon a few inches. Not too, too shabby for 58 years on the planet. (Naturally if I did either one of these things, I would be finished for the day and weeping like a baby girl.)

  6. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Although he has 4 inches or more and probably 80 to 100 pounds on me, I didn’t really feel small next to him. The only guy who’s ever made me really feel small is Don Mabe, who used to run the county fire department. He’s about 6’10” and probably 450 pounds. I’d heard the phrase about a guy filling up a doorway, but he literally does.

    I’m also 58 years old, but I’ve noticed that I’m a lot weaker than I used to be. I used to be able to do the “easy-open can” thing, literally, but now I sometimes have trouble unscrewing the caps on 2-liter bottles. And I seriously doubt I could bench-press even 200 pounds nowadays.

  7. OFD says:

    Let us weep together like baby girlz and remember wistfully of us giants back in the day, when people knelt in awestruck wonder at our massive presence and begged piteously (and uselessly) for mercy.

    Now I fill a doorway pretty good but that’s about the extent of my impact on the household environment and no one, I mean no one, is the least bit impressed.

  8. Rolf Grunsky says:

    The first four Inspector Murdock were very well done, based on Jenning’s novels. Alas, some idiot decided that if four were good, a season (13 episodes) would be even better and we got the Murdock Mysteries.

    The first season wasn’t too bad but they got sillier and sillier with each season until it turned into CSI:Toronto (19th century) and wandered off into some sort of fantasy (like the CSI franchise.)

    I don’t know if the first four are available on DVD (or streaming), I found them on the net (torrent and/or usenet) but they are well worth watching. They are also 90 minutes long.

    If the science is silly, the description of 19th century Toronto is very good. Until the early ’50s the swings in public parks were locked up on the sabbath. It’s been less than 10 years since the provincial liquor stores are open on Sunday.

  9. eristicist says:

    There, there, OFD. It doesn’t matter what you fill the doorway with. Personally, I fill it with my dressing gown.

  10. BGrigg says:

    Rolf, I remember those days! And the saloons with their two doors: Gentlemen; and Ladies & Escorts, and there was a divider down the rooms so the nasty men (why call them gentlemen, then?) didn’t offend the wimmin.

    I also remember when they allowed a bar in Nanaimo to open on Sunday (1978). Did that place make $$$, or what! Apparently there were a lot of us that would rather drink, than pray, on Sundays.

    And you’re bang on about “Murdock Mysteries”. A shame, really. It has excellent production, otherwise.

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