Day: June 24, 2024

Mon. Jun. 24, 2024 – Monday Monday, so good to me…

Hot and humid, really hot and sunny. But there is still work to do, so I’ll do it like I did yesterday, when it was hot and humid… It was 98F in the shade and may have crossed 100F when I wasn’t looking.

It was too hot to be out in the sun without a hat. So I kept to the shade and took breaks. Also didn’t really exert myself or move quickly. I did make progress later in the day when the sun finally moved behind the trees and left my work area mostly in part shade. Even running the Portacool wasn’t enough to make it tolerable. Once the sun was blocked, the breeze felt cool. It is a bit deceptive though, as I still ended up dripping sweat.

I decided to keep parts of the fridge and put them on ebay. It’s striking how heavy duty the damned thing is. The wire shelves are about twice as thick as most, and the whole thing is heavier than you would expect. Even the doors were heavy. I really never liked it though, and always had to be tweaking the temp settings as the weather changed. I’ll pull the fan unit, and the light switch today. I need the light switch at the BOL for the garage fridge there. The freezer shelf looks like it might fit too.

I’m going to do pickups this morning and afternoon, then work on the garage later in the day when it’s cooler. I got some solar panels, some lawn mower stuff, a portable A/C unit, and a bunch of other household stuff. Kids are at GS camp, wife is on a business trip… cue the wild women…

Or I could work on my stacks. Yeah, better do that. Everything is spread out everywhere at the moment and it isn’t pretty. I need to get it sorted and put up. Only then can there be more stacking, with a side helping of USING some of the stacked stuff, particularly the solar stuff.

Stack something of your own.


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