Day: June 19, 2024

Wed. Jun. 19, 2024 – well, waddayaknow… still got work to do

Hot and humid, chance of rain. Some places got rain yesterday, and some might get some today. It’s pretty rare that the whole of Houston gets rain at the same time. I’m pretty sure it will all be hot though.

Woke up yesterday at the BOL, did my wrap out, and headed home. Got chased by a storm front, and then when I got to the east side of Houston, I got chased west by a different front. Black sky and high wind, with a 10-20 degree temperature drops is a pretty good indicator that some serious weather is coming. In this case, I either outran it, or it was a no show…

Didn’t get a lot done, with all the driving around.

Today I’ve got pickups, and other stuff to do. I have a friend who asked to borrow a tool, so I’ll try to get that to him, and I’ll try to see my local auctioneer about putting more stuff in the auction. I’ve been out of my normal routine for most of the last month and I’m feeling it.

There is a sort of rhythm to prepping for the normal stuff, mixed with the rhythm of the school year. That got disrupted by the early storms. I need to get back on track.

Today probably isn’t the day for that, but it is a day to start moving in that direction.

Baby steps and small preps.

Get started stacking.


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