Day: June 22, 2024

Sat. Jun. 22, 2024 – Hmmm, stuff to do, and more stuff to do…

Hot, sooner or later it’ll be hot. Damp to wet… depending on whether it rains again or not. And I’ll be in it. Like yesterday.

I did my pickups while waiting for the grey truck of joy to deliver my fridge part. Across town it was raining. I could see the cell, and people coming out of it with their headlights on… but I didn’t drive through it. I also went to an “in person” estate sale. Some vintage vinyl and a broken turntable called to me. Picked up 5 albums by Louis Prima and Keely Smith. Picked up a boxed set of Artie Shaw, and a box set of “Masters of Swing”… they were Readers Digest editions, on heavy vinyl and pristine… maybe never played. The Prima got some play, but I don’t have them on vinyl or CD and he’s one of my favorites.

Funny what some record collections look like. This one was 7 or 8 milk crates filled mostly with jazz, and pop vocal from the late 50s, and 60s, with some church and Christmas mixed in. Then there was Bootsie Collins and His Rubber Band just sitting there… I’d have grabbed it but the disk wasn’t in the jacket after all. What the heck was Bootsie doing in with the Feranti and Teisher, Lawrence Welk, Liberace, Babs, and Big band? Or the extensive collection of Evie? There were a few other discs I’d have grabbed at $1 each, but they wanted $4 each platter, including the boxed sets. I didn’t get the turntable as it needed work. I could have doubled my money on ebay just selling it for parts or repair, but I don’t need another project, and I haven’t done any listing in a while. And $450 was too much cash to tie up.

Hit the Costco for TP and paper towel. Bought a few more things besides. Charmin on sale was $26. It used to be $18 before SloJoe took control of the checkbook. The only things that don’t seem to be crazy high are Canadian Maple syrup, and Australian lamb. They are the same or slightly less than they used to be, unless my memory is completely messed up.

Today will be one auction pickup, and a visit to my auctioneer to get back my chest freezer. Then comes the horror show of moving all the crep in the driveway and the garage to get the old fridge out. I might as well do the changeover to my food storage shelves and cabinets at the same time. I need to move them anyway… Oy, what a hot sweaty job that is going to be.

It’s the fractal thing again, before I can do one thing, I have to do the other 10,000 things.

Not gonna lie, would rather do just about anything else. But that’s what being an adult is, doing what needs doing even if you don’t want to.

Stack some stuff. Fix some stuff. Rearrange some stuff. Maybe even get rid of some stuff. Find a place for your stuff…



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