Day: June 13, 2024

Thur. Jun. 13, 2024 – Friday the 13th falls on a Thursday this month…

Another hot day, with maybe some rain in it too. Summer in Houston… hot and humid. Yesterday it was well into the 90s, then rained. Cooled it down into the low 80s which feels pretty cool in the middle of Houston summer. After living in Chicago, Phoenix, LA, and San Diego, the hardest thing to get used to in Houston was the humidity. And I can’t really say I’m ‘used’ to it.

Slept in then did kid stuff most of yesterday. Squeezed a couple of pickups in the middle, they were only 5 minutes apart. Finished a book. Did some domestic bliss. Not a super productive day.

Today should be a little bit better. I don’t have any pickups, an kid duties are limited. Should be able to tackle some of the list. Get me a book I’ve been waiting for and my productivity goes to shite.

Can’t be all work and no play, I guess. At least that’s what an unmotivated slacker would say…

And I don’t know why the self sabotage is happening. The need to get caught up is more pressing now than a year ago. I guess it could be disaster fatigue. I did spend most of the last month doing storm cleanup.

That’s part of why we passed on buying another lot at the BOL. It’s probably the best non-lakefront lot in the subdivision, and they offered it to us first, but W really doesn’t want another property that needs work and maintenance (it has a heavily modified trailer home on it, that needs a bunch of work.)

I’ve got tons of stuff I’m not keeping up with already.

So today I need to focus, get some stuff off the list.

So that I can stack…


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