Day: June 12, 2024

Wed. Jun. 12, 2024 – yeah, more work

Hot and humid, maybe a chance of some cooling rain. It did that yesterday afternoon. Rain pouring down cooled everything, but the humidity stayed high. Then the sun came back out. Today has potential to go either way.

I did less than I wanted to yesterday. Kid stuff will do that, interrupting my scheduled activities. I did get one pickup done. Not much else besides auction stuff. I did stop at the autoparts store and get replacement tail light bulbs. The old one I’d used temporarily failed too, so it was time to stop in and deal with it for real. Changed both sides as that is what makes sense… and bought an extra pair for next time.

Today I’ve got pickups for a few useful things, some for home, some for the BOL garden. I’ve got to ferry the kid and one of her friends home from their activities in the afternoon. And I’ve got to do some of the stuff that is piling up. It’s easier said than done though.

Especially when I’m weak and would rather read a new book… which kept me up far too late last night.

Reading is fundamental, right? And most of us read for “fun” and find great pleasure in losing ourselves in other worlds for a while. Still, I have a rule about not reading for pleasure during the day, because I’d not get anything else done. Broke the rule yesterday, and got nothing done.

Part of me wanted the break I guess. Still, I’ll have to stack twice as hard now 🙂

And resist the call of the story.

Stack. Work. Interact with people.


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