Day: May 16, 2021

Sun. May 16, 2021 – lots to do, little motivation, still sore

Warm and damp, chance of rain. Didn’t rain yesterday, although it felt pretty dang humid. Threatened to rain all day, with only local and occasional clearing skies. Cooler than normal for this time of year, seems like. Makes me wonder about how hot this year will be.

Did my weekend ‘home’ stuff, did my pickups, did some other small errands. Gas at Costco was $2.45/gal. It was $2.65/gal across the street at the big HEB. HEB usually has very competitive prices, so I expect they are typical or low for the area. Didn’t do paperwork. If it’s going to rain today, I’ll do it today. I didn’t want to waste any good outdoors days.

Blueberry bushes *cough* sticks *cough* are still ripening. Apple tree has leaves. Peach tree has leaves. Grape vines have died way back. Initially they were leafing out to within about 6 feet of the end, but now the old growth is all dead and the only leaves are near the roots, on new growth. Citrus in pots set a couple more fruits, and this time I put bird net over them and the fruits are still there. Citrus in the ground is dead. I had hoped, but the bark is coming off the grapefruit, and the orange is dry and brittle. The Meyer lemon wanted to come out of the ground when I bumped it with the lawnmower. Damn. Damn. Triple damn.

Wretched tomatoes are FOUNTAINING out of the ground. They’re like giant weeds, huge and spreading. The fruit sure is tasty, and Child1 was puzzled by the red color and the taste. She’s never had anything but store bought, that she can remember, and these are SO MUCH better. I admit to some jealousy at how easy my wife has had it with the tomatoes.

Given my proven (lack of) gardening skills, either she needs to take over completely or I need to keep stacking cans. Funny thing, the other night when child was asking the pointed questions about food and post-apoc survival, my wife asserted that we would plant a much bigger garden in the yard, not just the raised beds, but that the soil wouldn’t be as good so we couldn’t expect great yields. She’s been thinking about it, clearly. That was almost as shocking as anything she’s said since the lockdown started. I need more seeds. Lots more.


I’m wondering if FedGov and local forces know something they’re not telling us. In the last week I got invitations to continuing ed classes through both my local cop volunteer group, and through the national public safety group I belong to for additional counter-IED training. The classes are in June and July so I guess the threat isn’t imminent, but still, weird timing.

I signed up for both, one local in person, and the other one a webinar. Demand was high as they filled almost immediately. Things that make you go “Hmmmm”.


If you needed more reasons to stack it high, I hope you found them. Let us know how your garden grows… and… Keep stacking.


————(((((((((((((((((PING)))))))))))))))————- DadCooks, welfare check. Drop me an email if you aren’t feeling sociable… flandrey @ aol. com

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