Day: May 14, 2021

Fri. May 14, 2021 – nothing clever to say

Cool and damp, but no precip in the forecast. Got none yesterday either. It was cool and overcast all day, which made the driving around a bit nicer.

Swung by and did a pickup. Stopped at Microcenter and got my free microSD card (32gb, just for stopping in, second one this year, iirc.) Went by my secondary to unload and also unloaded the little freezer to my neighbor. He’s revealing a bit more every day we talk, and he’s a very like minded individual. The freezer will go on a stand-alone solar system and be filled with harvested meat. He started from the opposite end of the spectrum politically, but we’re pretty close on a bunch of things. Plus he’s got chickens and is working on an aquaculture scheme… I must be pretty well camouflaged, as it’s taken a really long time, and some pretty clear demonstration of LMI’d-ness on my part to crack his reticence. I think the change came when I actually brought him a box of 223 for a project he mentioned. He declined the box but has been a bit more open ever since. MEATSPACE baby! Help people when you can.

Went to the chiropractor on my way home. Good progress is being made. I’m hoping one or two more visits and I’ll be back to normal. We’ll see how I feel today whether I go in, or wait a couple of days. I bought an inversion table thing to try too, so maybe with some stretching, some chi gong and tai chi exercises, and some decompression, I can avoid feeling this way. No idea where I’ll put the inversion thing. Maybe in the yard…

Gotta get body, soul, and mind all back together. And stack some more. Daughter One is reading a book about a collapse, called “Rule of Three”. She’s much more aware now, and asked some pointed and specific questions at dinner about our prep level. “No, I didn’t have to run out and get chlorine when I heard about the coming shortage.” “We need it for prepping drinking water!” “Yeah, but I don’t have to go OUT when we’ve already got some….” “Oh.” Just to be sure though, I think I’ll pick up some more while Costco has it in stock.

And then I can keep stacking.


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