Day: May 13, 2021

Thur. May 13, 2021 – Friday the thirteenth is on a Thursday this month…

Cooler, but supposed to clear up. Got some misty light drizzle yesterday, with mostly overcast all day. Today the map is showing clear. It was 64F when I went to bed last night. That’s way down from where we were just a couple of days ago.

Drove across town twice, and the first trip was a total waste. The seller reneged on the auction and wouldn’t release any items to the buyers. The estate auction company was very upset, but not as much as me when they called to give me the news as I was pulling up to the pickup location. Wasted over an hour of my life and gas. No idea what the auction company and the seller will do, they had a contract. Seller thought the prices were way too low. Very strange all around.

The other pickup was parts for my daughter’s closet organizing project, and some light bulbs (really LED replacement tubes for some 8 ft fixtures I can’t get new bulbs for.)

In other selling news, the guy who bought most of my Pokemon cards hasn’t paid yet, and the auctioneer thinks he’s not gonna. She’ll go back to the second highest bidder, but they don’t have to buy at that price. The cards may end up going back into another auction. Not super news, as I was already thinking of ways to spend the money…

I tried to get a Costco Instacart order yesterday but couldn’t make the available delivery times work. I’m expecting it this morning. Limit one on Charmin Blue, and several things on my “buy it again” list were out of stock too. No meat on this purchase, it was all too expensive. I’ve got room in the freezers, but the price hasn’t been right for a while.

Oh, and the new freezer is cold, so it’s time to work on flipping that.

Tax time too, so I have the rest of my recordkeeping to finish. Back pain makes my brain sluggish though, so I’ve only been doing low value, low complexity stuff. Maybe I’ll get more done today.

I’ve certainly got stacking to do, and I’m sure you do too. Get busy.


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