Mon. Oct. 1, 2018 – September is finally over

73F and saturated, again.

Rain chased me away from my chores yesterday, and I expect the same today. At least there were a couple of breaks when I could get stuff done outside.

Indonesia will fall out of the news pretty quickly, and there isn’t even ANY coverage of the ongoing disaster in NC and SC. The world’s attention has moved on. Or at least the established media’s attention.

If your disaster plan counts on people outside your area caring about you, and helping you out, I’d suggest rethinking that. Not only are you on your own during the initial aftermath, NOBODY will be there for the long haul of your recovery either. OR your aid shipments will rot on the dock because your local politicians would prefer to have desperate victims as leverage. Or your local trucking union might decide that this is the best time to extort a new contract out of TPTB.

You are on your own, except for whatever ‘tribe’ you’ve managed to build, or can attach yourself to.