Saturday January 20, 2018

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It was 32 degrees, sunny, and winds of 15 to 20mph when I took Colin out at 8am.

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  1. nick flandrey says:

    59F with sun peeking out. Hooray!


  2. Miles_Teg says:

    I’m trying to find a copy of The Garden (1977) with Melanie Griffith. The only place that I can find selling it an outfit in Israel with lots of one star ratings.

    There used to be a poor quality version on Youtube, but that seems to have been taken down.

  3. Greg Norton says:

    I’m trying to find a copy of The Garden (1977) with Melanie Griffith. The only place that I can find selling it an outfit in Israel with lots of one star ratings.

    At least one torrent exists out there, but no one is seeding.

    Is this Melanie Griffith’s “Party At Kitty And Studs” (Stallone’s soft core porn classic from 1970)?

    Cult 80s films generally got pretty good DVD transfers, even some with limited audiences like Mike Nesmith’s “Tapeheads”, but 1977 is probably too far back for a digital copy to be anything other than a VHS-to-DVD rip.

  4. Nightraker says:

    @Nick: Just a thought. Galvanized garbage cans with a box o’ books on the lid. I’m sure rats /could/ chew thru, but I doubt they want to.

  5. nick flandrey says:

    yeah, It’s funny what they ate vs didn’t eat. I’ll do a lessons learned in a couple of days. Meanwhile, I’m killing as many and as quickly as I can catch ’em.


  6. Mr.K says:

    @Miles.. There is a dvd on ebay

    DVD PAL R2
    Language: Hebrew
    Subs: Hebrew, English
    Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0
    US $19.99

  7. jim~ says:


    Weather is such in Seattle I haven’t been to the roof to test the shortwave.
    You *are* saying that multiples of 5 Mhz (5, 10, 15, etc) should give me a time signal.

    However! I bought the most gawd-awful box of ginger-snaps from Safeway the other day and they were so broken to bits, over-cooked and flavorless that I hit my extensive collection of cookbooks, all 4 of them. _Joy_, naturalich; _Best Recipe_ from the guys at Cook’s Illustrated (circe 2001); _The Settlement Cookbook_ circa 1937, and good old Mrs. Beeton’s circa 1890. Time will tell on the morrow if I can do better than Safeway, at a fraction of the cost.

    Doing so reminded me of a really queer old book I have called, _The Wrinkle Book_ from England or Scotland around the turn of the 20th century. Oddly, they do not mention Plaster of Paris and oatmeal, so where I got that idea from is anyone’s guess. But they have some good suggestions, so if you’ll email me, I can send a scan. They also did not mention potassium cyanide and molasses, which is the connecting link between my ginger-snaps and your four-footed friends. I seem to recall rats really like molasses.

    “Do you like Girl Scout cookies?”
    “Are they made from real Girl Scouts?”

    In case that’s too obscure:

  8. Nick Flandrey says:


    “I’ll be the victim…”
    ” All your life.”

    I love ginger snaps. They are one of the surprisingly good foods I found at my local dollar store, and Made in the USA.

    Rats love UHT milk, Krusteaz Pancake mix, and shredded beef best of all…. at least my rats… Oh, and smoked almonds. LOTS of expensive smoked almonds.

    WWV time on ” 2.5, 5, 10, 15, and 20 MHz. The 25 MHz frequency was last used in 2014 on an experimental basis. It was later dropped due to an insufficient solar flux level needed for propagation of the higher HF or shortwave frequencies.”

    If your radio is any good you should get signals around dusk without any external antenna, and should get SOMETHING with 10 feet or more of wire touching your stock antenna. If all you get is buzzing and static, it’s probably local interference and noise. If your radio has an antenna switch, make sure it’s set the way you want.


  9. jim~ says:

    It comes a shock that Bob is dead. Like Ray and others, I’ve known him for 20+ years. Kind of hard to believe. So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past. The ginger snaps were almost a complete flop. Crunchy, snappy, crispy and not too sweet, but too much butter by half (What WERE those Victorians thinking?) and ginger powder does not cut the mustard.

    It’s fresh or nada. Heh, there’s an idea: make a better batch and send them to Barbara.

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