Monday, 18 September 2017

09:16 – It was 57.2F (14C) when I took Colin out at 0630. It was still dark, and on the eastern horizon Venus was in close conjunction with a thin crescent Luna. I almost woke Barbara to come out and see it.

The violent “protests” in St. Louis continue, yet another symptom of a country that’s coming apart at the seams. If it hasn’t become obvious to everyone by now that cultural diversity is a very bad thing, it should have. Humans evolved to live in small groups, tribes, and shoehorning millions of us into urban agglomerations is a guaranteed way to spark tribal warfare between and among those many groups. I have nothing in common with the urban underclass, and they have nothing in common with me.

So long as those diverse groups were assimilated into the common white Anglo-Saxon culture that prevailed in this country until relatively recently, we could all get along. Now that we no longer have that common culture, we’re fragmenting into smaller groups that are increasingly at war. This doesn’t bode well. The first literal shots in these wars have already been fired, and it won’t take much for things to degenerate further.