Saturday, 16 September 2017

08:12 – It was 53.6F (12C) when I took Colin out at 0700, partly cloudy.

We’re taking the day off to do personal stuff. Barbara is volunteering at the historical society this morning, and we have a lot of stuff to get done around the house this afternoon. We’re in good shape on finished goods inventory for this time of year, and we have enough finished subassemblies to make up a bunch more kits on the fly if necessary.

Barbara’s friend Joanne and her son Colin stopped by yesterday afternoon with their new rescue puppy, Abby. She’s about six months old, and adorable. She and Colin (our Colin) sniffed each other thoroughly.

They’re still working on the house next door, but making good progress. It should be finished in a couple of weeks, after which Grace will be moving in. She loves dogs, but as much as she wants one of her own she’s going to wait until next spring to get a puppy. As a teacher, she’ll be away from home all day until school lets out, and she didn’t think it’d be fair to a puppy to be left on its own all day. If she waits until next spring, she’ll have three months to be with the puppy all day long before she has to start back to work. I told her that in the interim she was welcome to borrow Colin as often as she wants to. He’ll love it.