Thursday, 21 September 2017

08:45 – It was 59F (5C) when I got up at 0615 to take Colin out. It was still dark, and he apparently decided it wasn’t time yet to go out. I was sitting in the den checking my email when he finally wandered in at 0630 and yawned.

I’m pretty much back to normal. The nausea disappeared yesterday by lunchtime, leaving me feeling a bit tired but nothing worse. I ate several small snacks through the day, but today I’ll be back to eating normally. I’ve also been trying to drink more to get myself rehydrated.

This is the last day of summer. Autumn arrives tomorrow at 1602 EDT, and we’re having the typical beautiful autumn weather. The leaves haven’t started to change much, but that’ll happen over the next couple of weeks. Peak color up here is generally in the first half of October.

Interesting article in the paper this morning. Some company does an overall natural disaster risk rating county-by-county for every county in the US, 3,000+ of them. Forsyth County, where we used to live, is rated as high risk, primarily due to the threat of wildfires. Alleghany County, where we now live, is rated as very low risk on all of the threats they consider. I was surprised that wildfires were not at least moderate risk here, but apparently not.

We’re back to work building science kits today. Things have started to slow down, but we’re still shipping quite a few kits. We always try to keep enough finished kits on hand to meet expected demand, but not so many that they end up sitting on the shelf just aging.