Sunday, 10 September 2017

09:08 – It was 46.4F (8C) when I took Colin out at 0645, clear and calm.

Happy Anniversary to us! Barbara and I have been married 34 years today.

The latest Irma forecasts have it tracking further left, aimed at Memphis, which should limit the effects here. The local forecast now calls for 1 to 4 inches (2.5 to 10 cm) of rain and sustained winds of 20 to 30 MPH (30 to 50 KPH). Barbara has already brought in most of the outdoor items that are subject to blowing away, and will get the rest indoor this afternoon.

The leftward shift is also good news for several of the Prepper Girls, most of whom are located in extreme western North Carolina and Virginia, and eastern Tennessee. I haven’t heard from any of them recently, so presumably they’re busy preparing for Irma. Of course, my email generally has been extremely light. I’m not even getting much spam. I think between Harvey and Irma, people have had better things to do with their time.

We’re working around the house today. First up is installing more shelving in the food room downstairs. That’ll be adjustable track shelving, so we don’t need to worry about vertical spacing. I plan to use these shelves mostly for #10 cans, which are relatively light, so I’ll probably install tracks only every other stud. We should end up with enough additional shelf space for maybe 200 more #10 cans.

At Barbara’s suggestion, we’re leaving the wall space under the chair rail free of shelves. We’ll stack stuff like 5-gallon buckets, plastic bins, and so on there.