Sunday, 31 July 2016

11:52 – Excellent dinner last night, most of it from LTS or our garden. Barbara picked some of the Blue Lake bush green beans and cooked them up in bacon fat with onion. We also had corn bread and boneless pork chops. The bacon and pork came from Costco, but everything else was from our LTS pantry and garden.

Back when we first started to look at properties in the NC mountains, I told Barbara that I wanted at least a bit of land, more than a typical suburban lot. (We ended up with 1.5 acres, which is fine.) I also told her that when we bought a place I intended to buy her a Green Acres tractor to keep in the barn so she could plow the back 40. She basically said NFW, that she was through with yard work and didn’t intend to become a farmess. Fast forward to now, where she’s having a great time in the garden and announced yesterday that she wanted to put in potatoes and some other crops next year.

Friday and yesterday was the 400-mile yard sale, with people out along US-21 from its northern terminus in Wytheville, Virginia–about 40 miles dead north of us–to its southern terminus at Hunting Island State Park, at the far southeastern tip of South Carolina. Locally, so many people were set up along US-21 (the main N-S drag in Alleghany County, which is also the main drag of the city of Sparta) that traffic was a mess, particularly in town.

Our neighbors James and Jackie Bryan were set up right at the intersection of 21 with our road. Barbara walked up to say hello. When she came back, she said James was talking to a guy who was interested in James’s rototiller. I told Barbara we should both walk up there and express an interest in the rototiller, if only to help James sell it to the guy. When we got up there, the guy had already left, so Barbara and I looked at the rototiller ourselves. We ended up buying it for $400 and rolling it back down to the house.

It’s an older Troy-Bilt model, and it’s a serious tiller. When Al brought theirs up to till our garden, I was surprised that it only did an 8-inch path. I think of it more as a cultivator than a tiller. This Troy-Bilt does a path about twice as wide. When I saw that it was a Troy-Bilt, I almost walked away without looking further. Back years ago, Troy-Bilt was an excellent name in rototillers, maybe the best. Then they were bought out by MTM in Cleveland around 2000. They shifted production from Troy, NY to Cleveland, OH and started using trash engines in them. Troy-Bilt’s reputation went downhill fast. But this tiller pre-dates the MTM acquisition and has a Tecumseh engine, which is well-known for being rock solid. So Barbara now has, if not a Green Acres tractor, at least a competent rototiller that should be more than enough to do a garden much larger than our current 0.007-acre test garden. This fall, we’ll mark out a good size plot–big enough to add several more crops, including potatoes, corn, amaranth, and more beans–and she’ll start tilling it. She’ll probably want to use her MP3 player while she does, so I’ll put a copy of the Green Acres theme song on it for her.

More science kit stuff today, mostly filling bottles.

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  1. You can’t go wrong with Troy-Bilt.

    You may have to change your moniker to OFB, Ole Farmer Bob!

  2. Charley McElroy is a handsome, well-heeled travel writer and CIA informant who also happens to be an F-to-M transman. And he’s been recently benched by the Agency for not paying his taxes. On the other side of San Francisco, Electra, a Manhattan socialite-turned-dominatrix has just arrived to rebuild her life. Meanwhile Frankie is a lesbian police sergeant on the outs with the SFPD and trying to recover from the death of her wife. Against all odds, the three meet and uncover a Christian fundamentalist’s plot to destroy the ‘hedonists’ of San Francisco. Together, they set out to foil the terrorist’s plot – but can they get anyone to listen to them? Or are they on their own? Find out in this fast, funny thriller filled with San Francisco’s spectacular scenery and inimitable, quirky characters.

    I dunno, sounds awfully formulaic. Or maybe just plain awful. It’s almost like the author had a checklist of SJW tropes and she made sure to hit as many as she could. Still missing: the trans-racial professional activist who woke up one morning feeling Chinese but was Tuareg by evening.

    (Here’s the book link, if you want it. Presumably no one in his right mind does.)

  3. I think you mean MTD, not MTM.

    It probably is MTM*. She was bored after her show ended and decided to invest her residuals in making something physical, not just TV shows.

    *Mary Tyler Moore, that is.

  4. Sweet Judas Priest! Nice going dumbass cops. At least he got a shot off just like Vice President Joe Biden said to do. Maybe he can use the Biden Defense and sue the fuck out of them.

    A 76-year-old New Jersey man is in critical condition after state police responded to a 911 call to the wrong house  — and shot him as he stood in his own living room, authorities said.

    Eergency dispatchers received a 911 call about 11:30pm Friday from a location in Cumberland County, but the caller hung up without giving a location.

    The call appeared to have come from a house on Centerton Road and two uniformed state troopers responded. At the time, they didn’t realize the call hadn’t come from that address.

  5. You know something that’s no fun at all? Doing medium-effort work at the very top of the garage. Temp isn’t so bad — 85-ish up there — but the 65-70% humidity was no fun. (I used a DH11 temp/humidity sensor connected to an Arduino to get those values. I haven’t calibrated or verified the sensor, but allegedly they’re accurate enough and don’t need adjustments.)

    On the plus side, we now have several racks hanging from the ceiling, just waiting to be loaded up with the crap that seems to find its way to the garage and get piled up in such a manner that I can’t get to the jug of engine oil and such.

    I was going to put up a bike hanger to get the off-season bike out of the way, but I decided I’d sweated off quite enough of my body mass, thank you very much, so that can wait until another day.

  6. I sweated off some of my own body mass recently mowing the lawn, weed-whacking, and previously, putting up the hangars for the three kayaks and two canoes.

    Dint do diddley today, though; just took wife to the airport for her flight to Chicago, and after this week she’ll be in Kerrville, TX.

    Here’s our great Murkan poet, Carl Sandberg’s opening stanza on that city, yet another Lincoln acolyte:

    “HOG Butcher for the World,
    Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat,
    Player with Railroads and the Nation’s Freight Handler;
    Stormy, husky, brawling,
    City of the Big Shoulders:”

    Now it’s a gang war zone, overseen by National Crisis Manager Rahm Emmanuel. Some of the strictest gun laws in North Murka and yet it’s a fucking shooting gallery every night. Funny how that works.

  7. Took the wife and daughter to see “The Secret Life of Pets” tonight. Was freaking hilarious. Max the terrier was funny. Leonard the metal-head poodle was funny. Chloe the overeating cat was funny. Gidget the white puffy lapdog absolutely stole the show when she was watching Telemundo on tv. Produced by the same guy that did The Minions. Any kid 5 to 85 is going to love the movie. My rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

  8. Lynn – good to hear. The “minions” team makes good films, right up there with the better Pixar ones.

  9. Define “society” when the checks stop rolling in. Define “benefit” likewise.

  10. Society: BLM SJW FSA, when they die out in 3 months, WHITEY!

    Benefit: Sexual favors, drones 🙂 gun repair

  11. Nobody knows that you are bunny in Pokemon Go:

    There is a young couple with four young children that own the old post office in Needville, TX (a couple miles away from my home). They have converted the building to their home. Now people are constantly driving in their driveway, front yard, and back yard since the Pokemon Go game uses the National Registry of buildings for Pokemon locations. Including old Post offices.

    They are a little upset. Ok, they are a lot upset.

  12. ” Now people are constantly driving in their driveway, front yard, and back yard since the Pokemon Go game uses the National Registry of buildings for Pokemon locations. Including old Post offices.”

    Several of the local denizens who live across the street in subsidized housing have plenty of time on their hands late at night and in the wee hours to screw around with this idiocy. I see them heading in the direction of our tiny local P.O. and often stopping in front of our house to gaze deeply at their smartypants phone pixels, often chattering to each other. How exciting! Fucking morons.

    My recommendation for the young couple with kids in Needville, TX is to mine the approaches to their home.

    My guess for the definitions of when the checks stop dropping from the sky:

    Society: BLM and FSA mobs rioting in the cities, with SJW asswipes egging them on, along with professional commie agitprop operators. If little or no LE response, they’ll expand to the ‘burbs, and then shit will get real fast. As I’ve said before, half the country pays for the other half; and the first half is outraged by it and the second half is outraged by our outrage. Recipe for eventual civil war.

    Benefits: Security firms and services; firearms and ammo; video entertainment on the tee-vees and net.

  13. “Sunday Persuasion Reading”

    “Here are four articles I know you will enjoy if you have been following my writing on Trump’s persuasion skills, confirmation bias, and hypnosis.”

    “Brendon Marotta looks into my hypothesis that watching the Democratic National Convention lowered testosterone levels in men.”

    “Christina Hoff Sommers describes six feminist myths that science-denying supporters of Clinton believe.”

    “Aedonis Bravo digs into the allegations that Trump is a racist. It’s a great case study in confirmation bias.”

    “Erica Goode in the New York Times tells us how science confirms that hypnosis has powerful effects on the mind.”

    I am so glad that I did not watch the DNC convention.

  14. “I am so glad that I did not watch the DNC convention.”

    Ditto + 1,000,000

    But of course our teevee has not been on since the Super Bowl.

    So I gather that anyone who watched it was in some way hypnotized or otherwise got snookered by what used to be known as ‘subliminal seduction,’ and any men who watched had their gonads shrunk, seminal vesicles strangled and testosterone levels drastically reduced, which didn’t affect Repubs that much as theirs were already long gone.

  15. All you have to do is watch Wolf Blitzer dancing and drinking white wine to see the DNC effect on men. It’s not called the Clinton News Network for nothing. Clueless BA* types just want more free shit. Cankles promises tons. Libturds like Blitzer will be the first to squeal when TSHTF.

    *Boobus Americanus

  16. anyone have any experience getting rid of social2search ?

    Wife clicked without looking carefully and now this thing has hijacked search results and some websites just don’t load from FFx…


  17. Social2Search – the same as every other such infection short of a rootkit:
    1. Fire up taskman and kill any process that looks suspicious. You can afford to be ruthless. True system processes will come back after the reboot.
    2. Fire up RegEdit & check out the assorted “run” and “runonce” subkeys. YOu probably have stuff you don’t want there anyway.
    3. Take a look at %appdata% (both local & roaming versions) and get rid of any suspicious directories. Kill processes as needed.
    3a. consider disabling processes from running from %appdata%. There is very little good that comes from that location.
    4. Hunt down suspicious directories. Kill with prejudice.
    5. Add/Remove programs. Be Ruthless
    6. Reboot in safe mode, lather, rinse, repeat.

    With luck (the good kind), that should eliminate the worst of it.

    Consider turning on software protection – don’t let any software install without a positive affirmative. (Name of the system escapes me, but it has saved my wife numerous times. She sees that dialog and just calls me right away. )

  18. Thanks,

    the french site is the company that infested me in the first place so I’m hesitant to trust their uninstaller…

    There were lots of dodgy looking results from my google search full of mispellings and info that didn’t match (IE there were no extentions listed in FFx to uninstall) and involved regedit. So many of the search results for malware removal are poisoned by bad sites that I don’t trust anything where I don’t recognize the source, and I’ve been able to avoid problems so long that I may not recognize authoritative current sources….

    I’ve got the win7 UAC turned on, but as many people noted long ago, all it does is condition the user to click OK and continue the install…… She did recognize that she messed up and had a problem, just didn’t know exactly what she did wrong, or how to fix it.

    Hopefully the sites that said social2search is a vector for a grab bag of malware are overstating the issue.

    Is ‘’ a trustworthy source?


  19. Re malware:

    I’d go with bleepingcomputer and malwaretips sites…they are usually pretty good at helping to get rid of stuff like that.

    Another choice for AV is SophosHome – they have a free version you can install and monitor up to 10 computers. .
    I have it on all of my computers here, getting rid of other products that come preinstalled.

    I’d start here: , which looks similar to your problem. Run those two programs, which should help. Best, though, to follow their full procedure (creating a new thread that contains your info). More time-consuming, but very thorough.

    Good luck. (And ignore those that blame Windoze….)

  20. I run Norton because it was free with my Comcast account. I also run Malwarebytes. Got a lifetime subscription from Newegg several years ago for the ghastly sum of $14.00. So far no issues with either of the products.

  21. Well,

    uninstalled from windows,

    malwarebytes found several ‘probably unwanted’ including search2social, and 2 related to it.

    Got rid of them all and restarted.

    something buggered up my restart, leaving me with a black screen and a mouse pointer, but ctrl alt del got me a task manager, and once I killed the ‘run once’ wrapper processes, boot continued normally.

    rebooted again, this time no problems.

    checked search- no longer getting their bs suggestions
    checked access to uk daily mail- worked fine

    we’ll see if any of it comes back.

    what a pain in the ass. to think that I used to do stuff like this routinely and often. bah, glad it’s so infrequent I am out of date.

    thanks for the help, now I’ve got a couple of good resources.


  22. Oh,and it reaffirms Jerry Pournelle’s old axiom that if you were going to run windows machines, you needed n+1 machines so you could recover from crap like this.

    I guess I’m covered with 8+ machines in arm’s reach just in my office………


  23. “But of course our teevee has not been on since the Super Bowl. ”

    I think the DNC, or RNC for that matter, would have been electrifying viewing compared with Gridiron.

  24. I think Miles_Teg has no idea what he’s excitement is all about. Football is the One True Sport, handed down from on high. All others are but pale shadows of the glory of the ball of the foot.

    There’s testosterone on the gridiron. Rocky Mountain Oysters at the conventions. Big difference.

  25. I used to be the family’s Go To Man for spyware, and computer problems in general. Glad I managed to pass that job to be nieces and nephews.

    Being barked at by my sister for failing to clean up some very persistant malware was annoying, especially when she vetoed my suggestion to re-install XP from scratch.

  26. Glad it panned out for ya, Mr. nick; that stuff is almost always a PITA. IIRC, I had to do a similar thing with this Windows box last year.

    I’m behind a VPN and running Windows Defender (ran it the other day and it took THREE days to finally dump half a dozen not-so-serious files), MalwareBytes, CCleaner and SpyBot. On FF and SeaMonkey I run NoScript, AdBlock+, and HTTPS Everywhere.

    I have yet to hassle with any such problems on any of the Linux machines; my biggest hassle was when I was running plain ol’ Ubuntu, an update zotzed the machine, which is a regular thing with the Windows box. The most recent hassle was a Windows update which somehow messed up the wireless comm with the printer, so I gave up and simply plugged it in with a USB cable.

    And now a guy wants to interview me for yet another IT gig down in Essex Junction (near Burlap); young guys run a support shop with Linux, Windows and cloud stuff, looking for a jack-of-all-trades. I’ll do the due diligence, of course. Wife keeps reminding me we need BENEFITS and I keep reminding her that at most jobs now, if there are any, they usually suck.

  27. I think Miles_Teg has no idea what he’s excitement is all about. Football is the One True Sport, handed down from on high.

    Miles_Teg is uninterested in football, either the American kind or the juice-boxes-after-the-game kind, because it does not involve sheep and alcohol. If you can’t get drunk and doink sheep (or Hillary Clinton as an acceptable substitute), it’s just boring.

    Being barked at by my sister for failing to clean up some very persistant malware was annoying, especially when she…

    … reinfected the machine less than a week after I cleaned it up for the fifth time in a month and a half.

    I refuse to be the free technical support for family, neighbors, and wife’s friend’s roommate’s ex-boyfriends. Used to do it but then announced I was done with it. (And there’s nothing on any of the worlds touched by Yggdrasil that will get me to budge once I’ve set my feet. Much to my wife’s and others’ annoyance.) Nothing in it for me, minimal or even no thanks, endless bitching, calls at all hours. Nope, not interested. Find another sucker.

    IIRC, you, Miles_Teg, were living with your sister for a while. That’s a more challenging situation and I don’t have any suggestions for getting out of it other than moving out and not leaving a forwarding address.

    looking for a jack-of-all-trades

    That does sound more up your alley, considering your varied experience. On the other hand, Jack-of-all-trades often has to deal with a large variety of people of varying but usually high cluelessness. On the other other hand, possibly the boss wouldn’t actually mind all that much if you beat some of the most clueless people with a roofing hammer. You might ask about that during the job interview.

  28. “beat some of the most clueless people with a roofing hammer”

    Sounds like my old boss. John Brown, “the hammer man” beat one of his employees to death over something stupid one night after work. Of course alcohol was involved. Found guilty and did time for it. Never heard if he got out. It was my first job in the construction industry, doing demo in Chicago. JB g0t me a hammer holster of my own. His was a quick draw type and he wore it everywhere. Mine was a leather loop, but it was mine…think I still have it somewhere.

    Lots of people from the old days no longer walking the earth…..


  29. “I refuse to be the free technical support for family, neighbors, and wife’s friend’s roommate’s ex-boyfriends.”

    I’ll do it for Mrs. OFD, and have only had to do so once in a blue moon, ditto my siblings, even less than the blue moon. And if I think I know the answer, for you guys here ’cause I love y’all.

    “…possibly the boss wouldn’t actually mind all that much if you beat some of the most clueless people with a roofing hammer. You might ask about that during the job interview.”

    Good tip, thanks! Reminds me of my summer of roofing days, about forty years ago; what a ball-buster that was! Over 100 up on those steep-ass phony colonial McMansion roofs in Sudbury, MA, and as the FNG, hauling 80-pound bundles of shingles up shaky aluminum ladders fast enough to keep them supplied up there. Joints and beers at breaks and lunch. Any hammer less than 22 or 24 ounces was a “fem-iron.” Told my wife this and she got annoyed. Oh well.

    “Lots of people from the old days no longer walking the earth…..”

    Don’t I know it; wait’ll ya get to be my age, young man! High skool friends gone; almost the entire groups of officers from a couple of the smaller departments I was on over thirty years ago; and in my own family all of the previous generation except my mom, who has Pick’s Disease, and my maternal aunt and uncle, her sister and brother. The Hardy’s are long gone, except for branches I had little to no contact with in southeastern MA and the Carolinas.

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