Thursday, 14 July 2016

09:58 – Barbara has her final meeting at noon for the charity golf tournament. Then she has to be at the at 0630 tomorrow, where she’ll spend the day volunteering at the tournament.

The garden is flourishing. Assuming it’s not raided by vegetable-iverous fauna, I suspect we’ll get quite a bit out of it this summer and autumn. Barbara’s plan is to eat as much of it as we want and give away the rest. I want to try dehydrating and canning some of it, just for the experience. I’ve never dehydrated produce, and the last time I canned anything I was helping my grandmother back in the 60’s. Speaking of produce, we have one apple tree in the back yard, which has hundreds of apples on it. They’re still small, but getting bigger by the week. They’re about two inches in diameter now, and starting to turn red. I suspect we’ll have a bumper crop from that one tree. I’d thought about planting a couple of dwarf fruit trees. I may still do that, eventually. They grow only high enough that you can pick the fruit without climbing a ladder, but the fruit is full-sized.

More kit stuff today.